The 10 best gangster movies of all time have some of the most iconic moments in the history of cinema. The gangster genre is known for larger than life characters and big sprawling stories. It’s one of the most beloved cinema genres around, and many of these movies have won a lot of awards. The films often put the audience in a difficult moral position because some of the characters are easy to identify with, but simultaneously evil.


  1. “Goodfellas” is the top film on this list of the best gangster movies, and it deserves to be there. The film is the life story of a mobster, detailing how he got into the business, and showing the crimes he had to commit in order to climb in the ranks.

  2. “The Godfather” is easily one of the best gangster movies of all time, and some think it is the very best. The film is about a fictional mafia family, and it’s loaded with everything from drama to politics.

  3. “The Godfather Part 2” is almost as good as the original. It continues the story, and does a good job showing how the mafia had to adapt to changes in the culture through the years.

  4. “Once Upon A Time in America” is a film by Sergio Leone, and it tells the story of a group of inner city youths as they grow up, and eventually become criminals together. This movie defines epic, and it definitely deserves its spot among the best gangster movies.

  5. “Casino” is one of the best gangster movies about Las Vegas. This movie explains how the mafia was involved in building Vegas, and it has a lot of great acting.

  6. The “Scarface” movie from the 1980s is actually a remake, and it’s one of the rare remakes that’s better than the original. This movie is about Columbian and Cuban gangsters selling cocaine in the 80s. It details a gangster’s rise from lowly assassin to boss.

  7. The original “Scarface” is next on this list of the best gangster movies, and it’s also brilliant. It tells the same story, but it’s all built around the context of the prohibition era instead of the cocaine trade.

  8. “A History of Violence” is a little different than most of the film’s on this list of the best gangster movies. It’s about a man’s attempt to get away from his gangster past and build a new life. Things eventually sour and he is forced to rediscover his old self to protect his family.

  9. “On the Waterfront” is probably the least action-packed film on this list of the best gangster movies. It’s about the mafia’s involvement in the labor unions, and it really plays as a simple story about believable characters.

  10. “The Untouchables” is more from the perspective of the cops than the criminals, and that sets it apart from some of the other films on this list. This is about the prohibition era, and how the police finally stopped Al Capone. It has a lot of interesting history as well as drama and action.