10 Best Gangsta Movies

Tuesday, May 3 by Deana Clark

The 10 best gangsta movies are not your everyday romance movies. These movies are about guns, gangs, violence, murder and tragedy. These movies take a hard look at life. They are in the genres of action, crime, thriller and drama.

  1. “Gang Related” starring Tupac Shakur, James Earl Jones, James Belushi and Dennis QuaidTupac and Belushi make this one of the best gangsta movies by playing two cops involved in illegal drug trafficking. When they kill an undercover DEA agent by mistake, they race against time to cover their tracks.
  2. “New Jack City” starring Wesley Snipes, Ice-T, Mario Van Peebles and Judd Nelson. Snipes is in a gang called Cash Mone Brothers. Ice-T is a cop who is after the gang and takes the law into his own hands when he goes undercover as a drug dealer to take the gang down.
  3. “Juice” starring Omar Epps as Q, Tupac Shakur as Bishop, Jermaine Hopkins as Steel and Khalil Kain as Raheem.  The four guys are skipping school one day when they discover one of their friends was killed in a bar shooting. To seek revenge and respect, the boys rob a store and Bishop ends up killing the clerk and Raheem.  Bishop will make sure the other two never reveal his secret.
  4. “Belly” starring Nas, DMX and Taral Hicks play in one of the best gangsta movies. Tommy and his friend, Sincere, are gang members who realize their lives are going nowhere. Sincere takes his girlfriend to Africa and Tommy joins the Nation of Islam.
  5. “Dead President” starring Lorenz Tate, Keith David and Chris Tucker. The story tells the tale of Anthony Curtis before, during and after the Vietnam War. It shows what the war does to people mentally and physically. Anthony becomes involved in gang activity that will change his life.
  6. “Colors” starring Sean Penn and Robert Duvall deliver a winning performance in this best gangsta movie. Robert is a veteran cop showing a rookie cop the ropes in gang infested L.A. The movies shows the violence between the Bloods and the Crips.
  7. “Friday” starring Ice Cube, Chris Tucker and Nia Long. Two guys are smoking and drinking on a Friday afternoon. They are looking for something to do and over the course of the day; they deal with an angry drug dealer, get jacked and are involved in drive by shooting.
  8. “Boyz N The Hood” starring Cuba Gooding Jr, Ice Cube and Lawrence Fishburne are three boys growing up in inner-city L.A. in this gangsta movie. One of them wants to go to college, one has a dad in his life and the third chooses a life of crime and violence.  The story shows how different each boy’s life turned out.
  9. “Training Day” starring Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke. Denzel plays a veteran narcotics cop in L.A. Many people suggest that he is corrupt. But when he is assigned to train a rookie cop, the truth will come out.  Is he is good cop or a bad cop?
  10. “Menace II Society” starring Tyrin Turner, Larenz Tate and June Kyoto Lu are amazing in one of the best gangsta movies. The movies follows the life of Caine Lawson. It starts with his high school graduation and shows his life in the projects. Can he escape violence and drugs in the projects?
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    worse list ever!

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