The best gangs movies takes the urban dramas and brings it to life in a way that is not comical or condescending. These movies take the real life problems of kids making tough choices and men trying to get rich through any means necessary.

  1. “West Side Story” This may be a musical, but it remains one of the best gangs movies in cinema history. The movie follows the rivalry between two street gangs, the Jets and the Sharks. It is a retelling of the Shakespeare play “Romeo & Juliet” as a Jet falls in love with the sister of a Shark.

  2. “Boyz n the Hood” Directed by John Singleton, this movie follows childhood friends who grow up together in Los Angeles. One of the boys grows up and aspires to get off the streets and go to college, but his best friend continues to get into trouble, endangering both of their lives.

  3. “New Jack City” Wesley Snipes is a drug lord in one of the best gangs movies of all time. He runs an empire and has the best cops in town trying to bring him down. Directed by Mario Van Peebles, this movie helped launch Snipes’ career to superstardom.

  4. “The Warriors” This is an extremely popular cult movie, remaining one of the best underground gangs movies of all time. Walter Hill directs the movie, based on the novel of the same name, which has a gang leader propose that all the gangs unite to take over the city. When he is assassinated, a bounty is put out on The Warriors.

  5. “Training Day” Denzel Washington won an Oscar for his role as a crooked cop in this crime thriller. Washington’s Alonzo Harris takes a younger cop under his wing and proceeds to get him involved in a number of illegal activities until a Russian gang puts a hit out on Alonzo’s head.

  6. “Trespass” Two firemen who discover that a stash of gold might be in an apartment building set out to recover the treasure. While in the building, they witness a gangland execution and find themselves trapped by the gang. Ice-T and Ice Cube star as members of the gang.

  7. “The Outsiders” “The Outsiders” launched the careers of some of the '80s best stars, including Tom Cruise, Ralph Macchio and Rob Lowe. This remains one of the best gangs movies as the Greasers, a teenage street gang, go to battle with the Socs, a gang of rich kids.

  8. “American History X” Edward Norton stars in this movie about a gang of skinheads. When Norton’s character is sent to prison for excessive violence against someone who tried to steal his car, he meets a young black man and changes. When he gets out, he learns his little brother is following his same footsteps.

  9. “City of God” This is a Brazilian gangs movie that follows a young man who tries to work his way into the top of the local gang scene. The movie was extremely successful, receiving four Academy Award nominations. It also spawned a TV series called “City of Men.”

  10. “Juice” Tupac Shakur starred in this movie about a group of friends who splinter when one of them kills someone. The group begins to grow paranoid of one another until they decide the only way they can be safe is to kill each other. Omar Epps and Samuel L. Jackson co-star.