Do you want to check out the top 10 French movies 2010? These films are the most talked-about and acclaimed films to come out of a country renowned for art and cinema. Read on for the list:

  1. "Family Tree." This drama is the story of a father who misses his son's funeral, revealing a painful secret that will tear the family apart. This top French movie is directed by Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martinet, and stars Guy Marchand and Francois Fabian. 

  2. "Love Like Poison." Another best French drama, this is the story of a teenage girl who returns from boarding school to find out that her father has left the family. It is directed by Katell Quillevere, and Clara Augarde stars.

  3. "Two in the Wave." This documentary is about the friendship between legendary French directors Jean-Luc Godard and Francois Truffaut. Directed by Emmanuel Laurent, this top French movie was released in the U.S. in May 2010.

  4. "Caves of Forgotten Dreams." In this unique 3D documentary, director Warner Herzog explores the Chauvet caves of Southern France, which contain the oldest known drawings of man. Herzog is best known for his documentaries "Grizzly Man" and "Encounters at the End of the World."

  5. "Lullaby for Pi." This top French drama, written and directed by Benoit Phillippon, is the story of an unlikely love between a musician and a reclusive artist. Rupert Friend and Clemency Poesy star as the couple.

  6. "The Big Picture." Another drama, this top French movie is about a powerful lawyer who goes on the run after killing his wife's lover. Romain Duris and Marina Fois star in the film.

  7. "Nenette." This documentary, directed by Nicolas Philibert, is the story of a 40-year-old orangutan who lives in captivity in a French zoo. The perfect movie for animal lovers, it was released in the U.S. in December 2010.

  8. "A Screaming Man." This top French movie of 2010 is about a pool manager in the country of Chad who suffers personal and political torment after being forced to give up his job to a rival. It played in the U.S. at the Milwaukee Film Festival and the Denver International Film Festival.

  9. "The Names of Love." The only comedy on the list of top French movies of 2010, this movie is about a political activist who converts adversaries by sleeping with them. The movie is directed and written by Michel Leclerc, and Sara Forestier stars.

  10. "The Ghost Writer." Controversial director Roman Polanski helmed this thriller about a ghost writer whose life is endangered while he is writing the memoirs of a former British Prime Minister. Ewan McGregor stars as the title character. The film was released in the U.S. in March 2010, and is currently available on DVD.