If you’re itching to watch some French films, why not try these 5 best loner French movies? Valentine’s Day spells an impending doom for all the “loners” around the world—especially for the French, who are known to be quite the romantic.  However, your days need not be so dreary or totally devoid of romance with these loner French movies (and you don’t really need to be French to watch these, too).  All you have to be is a loner (not a stringent requirement, though) to empathize with the characters.

  1. The Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain” - “Amelie” is a highly recommended French movie for loners who feel that they are not doing enough in this world.  Who knows, you also could end up like the lead character Amelie—while doing your good deeds, you might actually find someone to warm your nights with, and you wouldn’t be so alone.

  2. “Lady Chatterley” - Who could ever forget the highly erotic and controversial work of D.H. Lawrence, "Lady Chatterley’s Lover"?  This award-winning loner French movie (despite its English roots) is directed by French writer-director Pascale-Ferran, making it into the masterpiece that it is.  This French film truly gives you deep insight into the psyche of a woman who has been alone (psychologically and physically) for quite some time, and taking the concept of “loneliness” to the next level.

  3. “A Heart in Winter” - After you watch this loner French film, it’s a given that you’ll cry your eyes out.  This movie has the classic love triangle. A close friend falls for a girl who has tender feelings for a man who’s more in love with his craft and who does not give one fig about building relationships.  How will this French movie turn out?  That’s just the beauty of it, you will keep guessing.

  4. Fat Girl” (“À Ma Sœur!”) - The title of this loner French movie just says it all.  It must really be mighty lonely (and pathetic) if you have to live with the jealousy of having a sibling (in the movie’s case, an older sister) who seems to have it all.  Pitch in two uncaring parents, and you get a perfect recipe for a great loner film.

  5. Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” - Though technically not French, “Perfume” is set in eighteenth century France.  You have to possess a higher sense of morality in order to appreciate this loner French movie.  It lacks the blood and gore seen in suspense/thriller movies, thus, you are left to empathize with an extremely lonely man, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, who grew up devoid of love and compassion, but in his own twisted way, sought to find his niche in the world by making a perfume that’s “so sweet the whole world would fall in love” with you.