It’s time to howl at the moon with the 10 best French werewolf movies. The French are probably not the first people you think of when you think about werewolf films, but you may be surprised to know that France has a long history of werewolf lore that dates back to the 16th century. The ten best French werewolf movies use this long and storied history to make films that are horrifying, fun and make you think about the nature of crime, punishment and the nature of being different in a way that only the French can.

  1. “Brotherhood of the Wolf” - Based on an 18th century legend, this French werewolf movie follows the exploits of Grégoire de Fronsac and his Native American guide as they try to capture and kill a beast terrorizing a small town. Directed by Christophe Gans, this one of the ten best French werewolf movies relies more on the tension and suspense instead of special effects to drive the story home, but when you do see the beast it is seriously killer.

  2. “American Werewolf in Paris” - Also known as “American Werewolf 2”, this werewolf movies takes the original “American Werewolf in London” and kicks it up a notch. Yes we still a hapless young American stupidly getting involved with werewolves, but this time he falls in with lycan that know how to change at will. Sure some of the special effects may seem a little hokey now, but this one of the ten best French werewolf movies has a tight story that is still fun to watch.

  3. “Le poil de la bete” - While watching this movie, it’s hard  to decide which is worse, death by hanging or having to go head to head against an army of werewolves. Set in New France circa 1665, this one of the ten best French werewolf movies follows Joseph Cote, as he escapes death by hanging, hides out as a Jesuit, falls in love and is forced to take on a pack of werewolves.

  4. “Legend of the Werewolf” - Where most of the movies that made the list of the ten best French werewolf movies are strictly horror films, this one is a horrific and sad film that follows a young boy from an orphan who was raised by wolves and a his youth as a circus performer; all the way through adulthood where he commits a series of murders and chased by the police. While there is plenty of gore for horror fans, this movie hones in on the pain of being different.

  5. “The Werewolf” - A classic of French horror, this is a must see for fans a classic horror. After he is attacked by an animal a priests murderer is saddled with the curse of the werewolf for his crimes. This movie is impressive and interesting because of the way it equates the curse of the werewolf with crime and punishment as well as the special effects of the day.