If you can’t imagine anything hotter than an explicit movie about lesbians, these 5 best French lesbian movies will enlighten you. Imagine your greatest lesbian fantasy and now imagine that you’re all speaking French. Seriously hot, right?

  1. "French Twist" This R-rated 1995 French film is about a cheating husband and his wife who leaves him for a woman. The plot plays out like a typical erotic lesbian short story, but Marijo (the butch lesbian played by Josiane Balasko) and Loli (the femme played by Victoria Abril) make it worth watching. Plus, it has a surprising resolution to the conflict of infidelity and everyone ends up happy.

  2. "Amour De Femme" This unrelated 2004 film stars Helene Fillieres as Jeanne, an apathetic wife and mother. She takes a dance class and meets Marie, played by Raffaela Anderson and they fall in love. While the film details the strife of Jeanne breaking up her marriage, it is also filled with the kind of sexual tension that we all love.

  3. "Clara's Summer" "French Twist" and "Amour De Femme" are both about women in their late 20s and early 30s coming out of the closet after being in a straight relationship. "Clara’s Summer," on the other hand, is a coming of age story about two teenage girls at summer camp. Zoe and Clara are both unsure about their sexuality and the film follows Clara as she negotiates the world of coming out.

  4. "Therese and Isabelle" This old school French lesbian movie is based on a novel by Violette Leduc. It’s the perfect lesbian movie set up: two beautiful young French girls together at a boarding school. The sex scenes are more sensuous than explicit, but the film ends sadly. Fans of the slower moving plots of old will love this movie, but anyone who likes movies who move quickly might get bored.

  5. "La Turbulence Des Fluides" The English title for this French Canadian flick is "Chaos and Desire." Filmed in 2003, it is about a small town in Quebec where the ocean’s tide suddenly stops ebbing and flowing. The story centers around Alice, the scientist who comes to investigate the phenomenon; Marc, the widower of a woman who drowned in the bay; and Catherine, a college friend of Alice’s who is in town to cover the story for a magazine.