10 Sexy French Movies

Friday, July 22 by Twynna Elpmertz

These 10 sexy French movies will get your blood flowing and your heart racing. Watch them alone or with your lover for an inspired evening that only French romance and seduction can create.

  1. "Erotic Daughters of Emmanuelle" – You can’t get much more French or erotic than a sex commune. In this case, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist in search of a liberated life starts the commune. Made in 1977 and just over an hour long, this crazy sex-filled film is shot against beautiful French countryside.
  2. "Last Tango in Paris" – If you’re looking for an erotic film that your girlfriend or wife will enjoy, Marlon Brando stars in this sexy French flick. Two hours long, this artsy film follows Brando, living in Paris after his wife’s suicide, as he encounters a beautiful, equally distraught young French woman.
  3. "Lila Says" – This modern sexy French film is based on a novel. Chimo is a reserved young Arab poet who falls for Lila, a pretty blond who moves into his neighborhood. When gangs get involved, Lila is caught in the middle. It’s important to note that if you want the really good scenes, you’ll have to get the uncensored version.
  4. "Sex Is Comedy" – This sexy film is fun because it is about the making of a sexy film. The two main actors in the movie being filmed do not like each other and it’s the director’s job to navigate that awkward tension. The situation is further complicated by Jeanne’s own relationship with one of the actors.
  5. "Emmanuelle 7" – While this 1993 film is a drama, it’s also a fun watch because it takes sexuality with technology straight out of a science fiction movie. Protagonist Emmanuelle is determined to inspire sexuality in her friend Sophie by using virtual-reality tools. Together, they explore the world of Seventh Heaven, where all sexual desires and fulfilled.
  6. "A Nos Amours" – French teenager Suzanne is the victim of a dysfunctional family and seeks solace in casual sex. Her one real friend is a boy her age who is in love with, but she repeatedly turns him down. Director Maurice Pialat also plays the role of Suzanne’s father in this 1983 film.
  7. "The Last Mistress" – While some erotic films lack quality in filming and plot, The Last Mistress is beautifully shot and was a nominee at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival. Set in the 1800s, we follow Ryno de Marigny as he leaves his faithful mistress of ten years for the wealthy Hermangarde. The mistress doesn’t want to let him go and this 2007 film revolves around the drama that causes.
  8. "Water Lilies" – This 2007 debut film from director Céline Sciamma documents the lives of three young girls during the summer they come into their sexuality. During the film’s 83 minutes, we see many a rendezvous carried out in the locker room.
  9. "School of Flesh" – This steamy film guides us through the sudden relationship of Dominique, a middle aged fashion executive, and Quentin, a young, bisexual man she meets at a club. They move in together and through their relationship examine Dominique’s past.
  10. "The Libertine" – This 1969 film is a classic. When her husband dies, Mimi, played by Catherine Spaak, discovers a secret apartment he kept from her where he explored his kinky sexual desires. While she’s justifiably upset at first, she soon realizes she can use the apartment to explore and understand her own sexuality.
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