These 10 must-own suspense thriller movies will keep you nervous to the very end. They’re perfect entertainment if you enjoy films that crank up the tension in a hurry and keep it going with absolute ferocity. Most of these must-own flicks involve people facing persistent dangers and having to find creative ways to survive.

  1. “The Silence of the Lambs” – This is undoubtedly one of the best suspense thriller movies ever created. It’s about an FBI agent tracking down a murderer with the help of an imprisoned serial killer.

  2. “Breakdown” – This is less well known than some suspense thriller movies, but it’s fantastic anyway. The film tells the story of a man who’s car breaks down and his wife gets kidnapped.

  3. “Into The Night” – People who love Michelle Pfeiffer and Jeff Goldblum should absolutely check out this suspense thriller movie. It deals with a man who finds a woman running from criminals and tries to help her.

  4. “Secret Window” – This is one of the best suspense thriller movies if you enjoy a bit of mystery. It tells the story of a writer being harassed by a menacing stranger.

  5. “The River Wild” – A fantastic performance by Kevin Bacon is the highlight of this movie. It’s about a family on a rafting vacation who ar taken hostage by criminals.

  6. “Lifeboat” – Continuing with the general water theme, Lifeboat is one of the less well-known thriller movies by Alfred Hitchcock. It’s about the survivors of a shipwreck trying to figure out who among them is the saboteur who sunk the ship in the first place.

  7. “Nightwatch” – This is one of the most entertaining and surprising suspense thriller movies on this list. It’s about a young man who takes a job in a morgue and finds himself in a sticky situation.

  8. “A Simple Plan” – This is one of the more disturbing films you’re ever likely to see. It’s about two brothers who find a crashed plane and a bag full of money. This eventually leads them to do terrible things in order to hide the fact that they have this money.

  9. “Witness” – This is a fantastic thriller starring Harrison Ford. It’s about an Amish boy who sees a murder.

  10. “Panic Room” – This isn’t as well appreciated as some of the other movies directed by David Fincher. It deals with a woman and her daughter hiding in a panic room after their house is invaded.