Narrowing the vast Gallic sexual stirrings put to celluloid down 10 hot scenes from French movies is a bit like picking the 10 favorite hairs on your head – you love them all, they’re all equally as wonderful, you don’t want to part with any of them, but you have to. After much deliberation, her are some of the hottest of hot, French style.

  1. “A Summer in St. Tropez” is less a film and more an hour-long sex scene shot in beautifully rich colors through hazy filters, like a dream. The film features no dialogue and examines the platonic and sexual relationships of a group of teenage girls visiting a tropical island. They lay naked eating fruit, bathe together and experiment liberally with lesbianism. If only Nic Cage showed up and broke some heads, it’d be a perfect movie.

  2. “Emmanuelle 2: The Joys of a Woman” is the second in a long series of French erotica films. This tasty sequel features one of the hottest scenes in French cinema – a lesbian rub down in a massage parlor involving four wealthy French women and four dexterous Thai masseurs. Can’t argue with a film whose lead character AMC describes as  “nymphomaniacal.”

  3. “Immoral Tales” is a French film comprised for four extensive sex scenes. Two of these scenes – one in which a teenaged girl performs fellatio on her older cousin, one in which a young woman masturbates with a number of objects in her bedroom, including a cucumber – are very hot. The other two, which involve slaughter and a sister/brother/father threesome, not so much.

  4. “The Last Mistress” is an unrated French period piece from 2007 concerning a playboy, a naive aristocrat and a sex-crazed temptress. There’s sex left, right and center in “The Last Mistress,” though two particularly hot scenes take place first between the playboy and the temptress (he ravages her on a couch) and then again between the playboy and the aristocrat (who, we learned, shaves her bush).

  5. “Exterminating Angels” is a sometimes confusing an ultimately pointless French film with a crazy hot scene involving three women a hotel room and masturbation. The scene begins in a restaurant, where a young woman masturbates at her table to arouse the waitress. The waitress, young woman and the young woman’s female companion then retire to a hotel room to watch each other masturbate.  

  6. “Swimming Pool” features French actress Ludivine Sagnier, described by some as the hottest thing since sliced bread. Throughout the film French pixie strips and makes love with epic abandon. The most delicious sex scene takes place in the swimming pool and involves fellatio and murder.

  7. “The Lover” is based on the apparently true memoirs of a French schoolgirl moved by her family to French Vietnam in the 1920s. There she experienced a voracious sexual awakening that saw her having frequent, lustful sex with an unnamed Chinese man – these scenes are recounted graphically in the film.  

  8. “Le Libertin” is not to be confused with “The Libertine,” the dour 2004 Johnny Depp film. Rather, this lighthearted French sex fest features full frontal nudity, oral sex, gay threesomes and a genuinely charming lesbian hot tub scene with Audrey Tautou, better known to the American film going public as Amelie.

  9. “The Dreamers” explores sexual awakening, innocence and pretense in young men and women and features a scene in which Eva Green takes of all of her clothes, strips her young American friend and loses her virginity to him while her brother cooks eggs. 

  10. “High Tension” differs from most of the films on this list in that most of the film is excruciatingly violent – cue rotary saw . One sweet moment of reprieve comes at the beginning of the movie, when principal character Marie masturbates over a lesbian fantasy involving her best friend.