Nothing is hotter than a French film, and none are hotter than the below 10 hot French films. Something about the natural sexiness of French locations, French accents, and French fetishism combining to form a steamy genre  to get you in the mood.

  1. "Last Tango in Paris", Starring: Marlon Brando, Maria Schneider. This classic film from 1972 features a young, gorgeous Marlon Brando. The film has numerous sex scenes between the lead characters set in the romantic setting of Paris. One smoldering scene has Brando ripping the panties off Schneider and having sex with her standing up without even taking his raincoat off. Brando commits to the character completely and comes alive as the mysterious, passionate male lead of the film. 

  2. "Belle Du Jour", Starring: Catherine Deneuve. This film from 1967 was originally released in French. This film is a great example of a surreal masterpiece. It is overwhelming stimulating and Deneuve is perfect as the bored French housewife. Much of the success of the film lies in its visual subtlety; much is implied in the story that is not graphically depicted. 

  3. "Going Places", Starring: Gerard Depardieu. This film was released in 1974 and is a slightly softer sexual film than the two mentioned above. Depardieu and his friend take a wild journey through the French countryside. They come upon a girl who isn’t able to climax and determine to change that.  Depardieu and his friend proceed to try over and over again to make the girl orgasm, using their best tricks whilst the other one is still on the bed! The film strays briefly into homosexual sub/dom fetish, but is excellently handled by renowned director, Blier.

  4. "Lila Says", Starring: Vahina Giocante Moa Khouas. This 2004 film walks the fine line between porno-erotica and French art-house masterpiece, as so many French films do. The film has many juicy scenes with the lead characters. Interestingly for such a graphic film, the main characters are extremely verbal and the dialogue in the film is subsequently some of the hottest pillow talk in cinema history. The film has a famous scene of the female character riding through the streets in a French village on a bicycle. The girl uses her hand to satisfy her lover all without him missing a pedal.

  5. "Exterminating Angels", Starring: Frederic van de Driessche, Maroussia Dubreuil. This artistic French film released in 2006 is about the making of a porno. Not surprisingly the film is full of sex and nudity. The film’s main theme centers around how men are turned on by watching women get aroused through exhibitionism. The film has a particularly steamy threesome.

  6. "Memoirs of a French Whore", Starring: Miou-Miou, Maria Schneider. The movie almost seems like soft porn but the excellent cast pulls the movie around. The lovely Miou-Miou is transformed from a straight girl to a street wise and hardened whore by her slimy and disgusting "boyfriend" (read pimp)

  7. "My nights are more beautiful than your days", Starring: Sophia Marceau. A dying computer programmer falls in love with a psychic medium from a road show. Together they decide to spend his last days at a sea resort. Now think of all the things you always wanted to try and you can rest assured they try it.

  8. "The Twilight Girls", starring Gaby Morlay and Henry Guisol. A drop dead gorgeous teenager in a strictly regimented all girls boarding school. Of course all the male actors (and some of the female) want to get their share of her. She ends up being locked in her room. To know what happens next, you should just watch the movie.

  9. "Grande Ecole", starring Gregori Baquet and Alice Taglioni. A young couple gets into trouble when the man realizes that he might be homosexual. Both agree to a bet. A race who can seduce the gorgeous (male) roommate first. If she wins, then he will give up on his homosexual day dreams; if he wins she will walk away.

  10. "Water Lilies", with Pauline Acquart and Louise Blachere. Three teenage girls perform together in a synchronized swimming team. But they do not only synchronize their swimming moves, but also their love and sex lives.