Looking for 10 French movies’ hot scenes? We’ve got them all here for you. It just goes to show: when it comes to cinema, the French aren’t willing to censor anything!

  1. "Ma Mere". “Ma Mere” tops our list of 10 French movies’ hot scenes. It features a racy scene between mother and son. The film is based on a novel by transgressive French author Georges Bataille.

  2. "L’Humanité". This French film from 1999 features a sex scene in which you see the penis being inserted into the vagina. It was directed by Bruno Dumont.

  3. "Baise-Moi". The title translates literally as “F*ck Me.” You get the picture. Nearly every scene in this feature, based on a novel by Virginie Despentes, could be counted as one of French movies’ hot scenes.

  4. "Enter the Void". Gaspar Noe’s most recent film has a scene in the end in which sexual intercourse takes place – with the camera being inside the woman’s vagina. If you can make it till the end of this long movie, you will see one of French movies’ hot scenes.

  5. "The Pornographer". This 2001 film by Bertrand Bonello features an eleven-second long cum shot. The director claims it was inspired by a Rothko painting; we think it is merely one of 10 French movies’ hot scenes.

  6. "Romance". This 1999 film by Catherine Breillat is one of many new-ish French films to feature shots of sexual penetration. For this reason, it gets our vote for one of French movies’ hot scenes in recent years.

  7. "Intimacy". Patrice Chereau directed this 2001 film. It features genuine on-screen sex in several scenes.

  8. "Pola X". Have you ever been curious about incest? This movie explores the theme deeply and contains several hot scenes between brother and sister!

  9. "Secret Things". After two women get fired from their job, they decide to take matter into their own hands. They will climb the corporate ladder by sleeping their way to the top. After all, both of them are sexy enough to pull it off.

  10. "Twenty-nine Palms". This 2003 movie was directed by Bruno Dumont. It features several hardcore sex scenes.