The following movies are the 10 best suspense movies ever. These suspense movies may not scare you in the way a typical horror movie would. Instead, these movies will evoke a different type of emotion, keeping viewers at the edge of their seats.

  1. “Cape Fear” While the 1991 remake was pretty good, this movie still is a notch below the 1962 original. Playing the antagonist, Max Cady, Robert Mitchum's sly, sinister smile is hard to beat. De Niro's version, on the other hand, was slightly overplayed.

  2. “The Usual Suspects” With an off-beat but nonetheless stellar cast, the “Usual Suspects” was simply spectacular. Although not as suspenseful as the other movies on this list, it delivers just enough twists and a modicum of confusion to keep audiences guessing and at the edge of their seats throughout the movie.

  3. “Scream” “Scream” probably reinvigorated slasher films after the campy releases of the previous decade. Although it has gratuitous amounts of blood and violence, the nicely timed scares and the thrill-a-minute scenes make this 1996 release a suspense classic.

  4. “Alien” Yes, the movie has an alien and is set in outer space in the future. While this may scream sci-fi, this Ridley Scott classic is more suspense than anything else. With the director's masterful vision, audiences rarely get a full view of the creature, but the movie still delivers chills and nasty surprises.

  5. “Sixth Sense” Back when M. Night Shyamalan still had his mojo, he came up with the “Sixth Sense,” which completely blew the audiences away with the awesome twist at the end of the film. It was so good, a significant number of movie audiences sneaked back in the movie theater just to see once more how everything fits nicely together.

  6. “North by Northwest” What list of suspenseful movies would be complete without the incomparable Alfred Hitchcock? While “North by Northwest” may not have been as artistically driven as say, “Vertigo” or “Rear Window,” in terms of pure entertainment, this film fits the bill perfectly.

  7. “Psycho” Probably the most well known among Hitchcock's works, “Psycho” still gives audiences the creeps almost 50 years later. The follow-up sequels were a bit of a disappointment though. A shot-for-shot remake of “Psycho” was also produced in 1998. Thankfully, not many people bothered to see that abomination of a movie.

  8. “Hannibal” While not as good as “Silence of the Lambs,” Hannibal delivers just enough thrills to earn as spot in this list. Although fans wanted Jodie Foster to reprise her role as Agent Starling, Julianne Moore still does deliver the goods. Hannibal is actually one of the few movies where viewers are actually rooting for the bad guy to win.

  9. “Se7en” Written as the more stylish “Se7en” instead of the mundane and ordinary “Seven,” the movie practically destroyed the suspense genre as fans would almost always use the movie as a yardstick when reviewing newer releases. The movie was so good, people even rave about the beginning and end credits.

  10. “Silence of the Lambs” The movie that probably propelled Jodie Foster to stardom may actually top the suspense movie lists of most film buffs. This finely crafted classic simply blasted the opposition to smithereens when it came out. This suspense-thriller won the Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, Best Picture and Best Writing categories in the 1992 Academy Awards.