The 10 best sex scenes in French movies are listed according to fetish. Theses fetish French sex movies are not for everyone. If you like this, however, then read on.

  1. This movie is perfect for the sado-masochistic lover of French sex film. It is called "The Night Porter." It was released in 1974. In French, it is called " Il Portiere di Notte." This movie is not for everyone. It is however, very alluring to the men that like this type of fetish. Think Hitler and lots of women that like it.

  2. The second is "The Tide." This was released in 1974. In French, it is called "La Maree." It is about oral sex and teenagers. If you like that then this movie will light your fire. It involves two young teens.

  3. Another of the best sex scenes in French movies is called "French Twist." Josiane Balasko is the female director. That is something to note. The movie is about getting revenge on a wayward husband. The wife as the main character plans her revenge with her new lover. Naughtiness ensues in this delightful romp of revenge.

  4. Next is one also for you oral lovers out there. It has some really steamy oral sex scenes. It is called "L'ange et la femme." In English it is called "The Angel and the Woman." Nudity and steamy sex awaits you boys.

  5. "Emmanuelle" is the next in this line-up. The movie is a classic French best sex movie. It is all about a woman named Emmanuelle. It is sultry and steamy. It is not overtly sexual. It is more like "mind sex," meaning that it is all about what you know is happening but don't see. Check it out see for yourself.

  6. If you tend towards the boys, then you have to see "Anatomie de l'enfer." It is explicit towards the male preference of sexuality. It has some boy on boy action and some serious steamy sex scenes.

  7. "Belle Du Jour" is the next one that you need to see. It is straight laced and steamy. Lots of nudity and raunchy scenes make for a fun French sex movie. Think housewife gone bad.

  8. Food and sex often go hand in hand. If your fetish revolves around food then you must see "La grande bouffe." This is a fun movie. This one is all about sex in the sensual state. "Chef's in Love" would be a good title.

  9. Then there is the best classic French sex movie. It is called "Nana." It is one of the best sex movies about lust and desire. It is raunchy and amusing. The concubine "Nana" is a young 15 year old girl that is just emerging into her new world. It has  a lot of bare boobies.

  10. The oldest and one of the first is "Après Le Bal." It is not only one of the very first sex movies but is also one of the first French sex scenes. While it is tame by most people's standards today, there is something to be said for subtlety.