Here are the 5 best romantic French movies that your girlfriend would love for you to watch with her. When it comes to romance, no one does it better than the French.


A very artistic and romantic French movie, this film is about a mischievous, lonely girl who decides to help the people around her in small ways but finds herself falling in love with an equally mysterious stranger. Besides the generous and creative uses of green, red, and yellow in this movie, the music is distinctly French and very lively. There are equal parts romance, suspense, and comedy in this movie, and the when the two lovers finally meet, the moment is nothing short of intoxicating. 

"A Very Long Engagement"

Another movie starring Audrey Tautou that tells the story of a young woman searching for her fiance who is wounded during WWI. She had been diagnosed with polio when she was a little kid, but she doesn’t let this disability stop her from traveling countless miles to search for news of her fiancé. The desperate yet hopeful search of this young woman to find out the truth about her fiancé makes it one of the best romantic French movies that will stir your soul and remind you that love is wort fighting for.

"Love Me If You Dare" 

This is a very affecting film based on two childhood best friends who turn into two adult best friends with a friendship that threatens to destroy everything else in their lives. There is a deeper, romantic love between the two friends that neither one wants to admit to, so instead they put all their passion and energy into keeping up their childhood game of "I dare you." Whoever has posession of the colorful tin box has the right to dare the other person to do something, and that person must do it. The dares get wilder and more outrageous as they grow older, but they cannot stop playing the game. As anyone who has had a childhood best friend knows, it sometimes felt as if you were the only two people in the entire universe, but once the realities of adulthood set in, even the strongest friendship will be severely tested.

"He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" 

This is a suspense movie masquerading as a romance movie. There is definitely romance, but it is very one-sided. In this movie, an erotomaniac is obsessed with a man who has no idea of her feelings for him. She conjures up an entire relationship based on brief, insignificant moments with him and the more she tries to make herself known to him, the more afraid he becomes. While some of the things she does are truly outrageous and sometimes even terrifying, Audrey Tautou plays such an innocent character that at times it's easy simply to see her as a girl in love. 


Audrey Tautou is fantastic in this romantic French movie with a comedic twist. The main protagonist is hopelessly in love with a gold digging woman, so he masquerades as a rich man until she starts developing feelings for him. Soon, however, his true identity as a hotel employee is revealed, yet he is so desperate to hold on to her that he burns through his life savings paying for all her extravagances. There is a brief interlude in the movie where they are both engaged in relationships with other people and can show each other their true selves, now that their material needs ar taken care of. The movie ends on a wonderful note and teaches us all a valuable lesson about true love versus motivated love.