When it comes to naming the 10 best movies in French, every fan has an opinion. However, the following ten films currently rank among the most popular French movies. Running the gamut from romantic comedies to historical dramas, crime stories to war movies, and even a famous children’s film--here are ten must-see movies in French.

  1. “The Red Balloon.” “The Red Balloon,” originally titled “Le ballon rouge,” is a 1956 French short film. An award-winning family movie, it follows the adventures of a young Parisian boy and a red balloon with a life of its own. Directed by Albert Lamorisse, the film stars his children, Pascal and Sabine. 

  2. “Jean de Florette.” “Jean de Florette” is a 1986 historical drama based on a Marcel Pagnol novel. Set in a small village in Provence shortly after World War I, the story tells of a greedy landowner determined to bankrupt his neighbor. The film stars Yves Montand, Daniel Auteuil, and Gérard Depardieu.

  3. “Manon Of The Spring.” “Manon Of The Spring,” originally titled “Manon des sources,” is a 1986 romantic drama. Also based on a Pagnol novel, this critically-acclaimed movie is the sequel to “Jean de Florette.” It tells the story of a beautiful shepherdess who plots vengeance against the greedy conspirators who caused her father’s death. Emmanuelle Béart, Daniel Auteuil, and Yves Montand star in the film.

  4. “A Heart In Winter.” “A Heart In Winter,” originally titled “Un Coeur en Hiver,” is a 1992 romantic drama. Set in contemporary Paris, the story revolves around three people (a beautiful violin virtuoso, her husband, and his friend) caught in a love triangle. Emmanuelle Béart, Daniel Auteuil, and André Dussollier star in this film.

  5. “The Dinner Game.” “The Dinner Game,” originally titled “Le dîner de cons,” is a 1998 French movie adapted from a theatrical play. The comedy centers on a Parisian publisher who attends weekly dinners where prominent businessmen bring “idiot” guests. The movie stars Thierry Lhermitte, Jacques Villeret, and Francis Huster.

  6. “Amelie.” “Amelie” is a 2001 French romantic comedy. The whimsical drama centers on a naïve girl in Paris, whose personal sense of justice leads her to change the lives of the people around her. The film stars Audrey Tautou, Rufus, and Mathieu Kassovitz. 

  7. “The Chorus.” “The Chorus,” originally titled “Les choristes,” is a 2004 musical drama adapted from a 1945 film. The story follows a boarding school teacher who impacts the lives of his students through music. This award-winning film stars Gérard Jugnot, François Berléand, and Jean-Baptiste Maunier.  

  8. “A Very Long Engagement.” “A Very Long Engagement,” originally titled “Un long dimanche de fiançailles,” is a 2004 mystery drama. Based on a Sébastien Japrisot novel, the romantic story follows a young woman’s search for her fiance after a particular World War I battle. Audrey Tautou, Gaspard Ulliel, and Jodie Foster star in the film.

  9. “I Do.” “I Do,” originally titled “Prête-moi ta main,” is a 2006 French romantic comedy. It centers on a happily single man in his 40s, and the mother and five sisters who are determined to find him a wife. The film stars Alain Chabat, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Bernadette Lafont.

  10. “The Grocer’s Son.” “The Grocer’s Son,” originally titled “Le fils de l'épicier,” is a 2007 French drama set in Provence. It tells of a young man from the city who returns to his home village to run his parents’ grocery store. The film stars Nicolas Cazalé, Clotilde Hesme, and Daniel Duval.