Stay on the edge of your seat with the 10 best French suspense movies. These French suspense movies use every trick in the book—and a few you’ve never seen before—to keep you guessing throughout the movie. They’re filled with more murder, mayhem and clever plot twists that are sure to keep you guessing even when you know who the bad guys are.

  1. “The Fall of the House of Usher” (1928) Based on the story by Edgar Allan Poe, this one of the ten best French movies is a must-see for fans of classic French cinema.

  2. “Carnival of Sinners” (1943) Another classic of French cinema, this one of the ten best French suspense movies is a creepy spin on the old Faust legend. It’s a creepy tale of a man who will be granted anything he wants in exchange for his soul.

  3. “Diabolique” (1955) This one of the ten best French suspense movies set a high watermark for French movies that people are still trying to reach. Double crosses and red herrings abound when the wife and mistress of a cruel headmaster get together to plot his demise.

  4. “The Tenant” (1976) A brilliantly creepy film directed and starring Roman Polanski, this one of the ten best French suspense movies details the depths of madness when a young man moves into an apartment of a woman who recently committed suicide.

  5. “Saint Ange” (2004) If you like a bit of horror in your suspense films, you need to see this best French suspense movie. It’s an eerie story of a young woman who moves into an old orphanage and has to solve the mystery of the ghostly children that roam the halls.

  6. “Cache” (2005) What starts out as a normal day for a family in the suburbs takes a turn for the bizarre in this one of the ten best French suspense movies. When a strange videotape is left in their mailbox, they think its a bad prank until the tapes become more frequent and more violent.

  7. “With Friends Like Harry” (2000) As the saying goes, “With friends like these, who needs enemies?” Things take a turn for the worse when a writer runs into an ol high school friend. Not long after their meeting, strange things begin to happen in the writer’s life.

  8. “A Prophet” (2009) Fresh out of prison, a young Arab man prepares himself and his enemies for the ultimate double cross in this French suspense movie. By the time this is done, exacting his revenge it will be too late for those who crossed him.

  9. “Irreversible” (2002) After finding out his girlfriend has been brutally raped, the first thing this guy wants is justice. But when justice is slow in coming, the enraged lover takes matters into his own hands in this French suspense movies.

  10. “Man Bites Dog” (1992) This film makes the list of the ten best French suspense movies because of clever blend of black comedy and extreme tension. This spoof on reality looks at a film crew following a serial killer and the madness that ensues as the film crew slowly but surely follows their subject over the edge.