The 10 best French short movies are short and to the point. They have passion, tell great stories, and don't drag out the viewers attention span. And as the saying may go, sometimes a smaller story makes the biggest impact.

  1. "After Shave" Starring Sacha Bourdo, Fabienne Galula, and Tony Gaultier, "After Shave" is a VERY short French film. It was made in 1999. Its length is a very swift and wonderful twelve minutes.

  2. "Barque Sortant du port de Trouville" During France's silent era in film, magicians used movies as a way to display "movie magic". This film was made in 1896 and is in black and white. George Milies is the director and magician in this film, and wowed audiences with his work.

  3. "Une Visite" This short film was made by a 23 year old Francois Truffaut. Copies of this film are rare to find because of Truffaut's known dislike for the outcome. The plot is about a young man who unsuccessfully tries to seduce a woman that he lives with. At eight minutes, this film short and to the point.

  4. "L'Arrivee d'un Train en gare de La Ciotat" This film was the Lumiere brother's first documentary film. It was debuted in 1896 as a black and white silent film. The French were so frightened of the train arriving, that they jumped out of their seats to avoid getting hit.

  5. "L'Arroseur" This film is translated as "Water the Flowers".  This was yet another silent era French film. It documents a person watering flowers.

  6. "Bebe et Fillettes" In 1896, French filmmakers were attempting to document daily life. They found beauty in the "every day". This short French film is one of those types of movies. Short and documenting the every day.

  7. "Even Pigeons Go To Heaven" Made in 2007, this short French movie is animated and exceptional in subject matter. It points out the flaws and "contraptions" in religious life. The irony is heavy and sweet in this nine minute movie.

  8. "Toute la Memoire du Monde" This short French movie takes the story of the Biblioteque Nationale and documents it. It was made in 1956 and runs 21 minutes. It was made in black and white as well.

  9. "The Green Hornet" The Famous Green Hornet gets a quick cameo in this 2006 French movie. Its only ten minutes, however, a lot of action takes place The Green Hornet attempts to showcase his innocence, but is attacked by a bunch of goons.

  10. "L'endriot ideal" This isn't the shortest short French movie made. At 30 minutes, it still qualifies, however. This movie tackles the subject of forbidden love, prison, and everything in between.