The 10 best French movies with English subtitles are great French films. However, if you aren't fluent in the language, following what is happening in the movie can become difficult. Subtitles are the perfect fix for that problem!

  1. "8 Women." This film is a classic murder mystery movie. The French love their leading ladies and this movie isn't short on those. The eight women in the household are questioned once the man of the house is murdered. Each one has a secret, and the subtitles are perfect for hearing them.

  2. "A Heart In Winter." This movie tells the story of a love triangle. At its center is the music of the violin. This movie is great because the music tells a story that won't get lost in translation.

  3. "Belle de Jour." This is one of France's classic cult films. It's been viewed so many times that each saying and each word has been mastered to a tee when it comes to subtitles. Add to that, it's a fantastic movie to watch and you've got yourself a great French film.

  4. "Bitter Moon." This movie was directed by Roman Polanski. It is dark and twisted. The subtitles are extremely accurate and, at the same time, extremely easy to read.

  5. "Breathless." Another classic cult film of the French New wave. Because of this film's large following, it is increasingly easier to translate the meanings of their words. The subtitles are available in multiple languages, so it's great for most people!

  6. "Jules et Jim." This film was made in 1961. Its subtitles can be a bit shaky at times, but they are still wonderful. Considering the year they were made, this movie was the cutting edge in subtitles for the French.

  7. "The Discrete Charm of the Bourgoisie." This quirky French film received an academy award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1972. Without a doubt, the language is beautiful because of its dark humor. The subtitles portray that humor to the best of their abilities and the humor that rolls of the actors' tongues is justly served.

  8. "My Life in Pink." This modern day gender bending film is an award-winning hit for its adventurous spirit. It's about a boy who wants to be a girl and will attempt to defy the rules of the world. The subtitles give off as much color as the film does.

  9. "Hiroshima, Mon Amour." This heartbreaking French movie is filmed in black and white, much like the issues of its script. However, the subtitles are in a stark white. They beam out and help viewers to read of the character's trials and tribulations.

  10. "Children of Paradise." A French film about theater that reveals the dark side behind the curtain is just what the subtitle doctor ordered. With the whirling and twirling of each characters' lives, the movie is somewhat dizzying. However, its subtitles serve as an anchor for the viewers.