Some of the best French movies of 2008 possess the romantic charm which have enthralled us through the ages. The French have given us many things: great food a la Julia Charles and great French movies.  Here are ome of the best French movies of 2008.


“The Duchess of Langeais”

This romantic (or anti-romantic) French movie is about how Antoinette (Jeanne Balibar) manipulates General Montriveau (Guillaume Depardieu) into wooing her.  Directed by Jacques Rivette, he points out in this movie that love is superficial and mere theatrics.



Directed by Xavier Gens this French movie has all the elements for a gore fest. Cannibalism, incest, peppered with murder sets the tone for this 90-minute movie. Great for gore buffs, but not for the faint hearted.


“Roman de Gare”

This French movie is directed by Claude Lelouch. Depicting a novelist, her ghost writer and a young woman that meet at a rest stop, the plot mysteriously unravels.  


“Fear(s) of the Dark”

This is an anthology of animated films that appeal to our fear of the dark. It presents the distinct French touch of dark comedy in an animated light.


“Her Name is Sabine”  

This is powerful French movie is directed by Sabin Bonnaire depicting the life of her autistic sister. She is misdiagnosed and institutionalized at the age of 28 and moved to a specialized center. Bonnaire’s film brings to us an insight into the life of autism sufferers.


“Ceux Qui Restent”

The English title for this 2008 French movie is “Those Who Remain.” It depicts a couple who meets in a cancer hospital where their partners are being treated. Their relationship develops into being a supportive one that contrasts with the sickness and wane of the hospital they are in.


“Love Songs”

A typically French movie about a manage a tois relationship between Ismaël, Jeanne and Julie. What is typically French about this movie is the twist where Ismaël falls for the brother of one of the girls.


“Un secret”

This 2008 French movie is directed by Claude Miller. A 15-year-old discovers his family secret about how his father and mother met after his father's first wife and their child both disappeared in the tumult of the German occupation.


“Heartbeat Detector"

This French movie is directed by Nicolas Klotz. The story is about a psychologist in the human resource department of a German firm. The movie draws an analogy between downsizing and Germany’s extermination of the Jews in the Second World War.


“Ain’t Scared”

This French movie depicts life in a Parisian housing project that centers on a group of young people in the mean Parisian streets. A fantastic maiden effort by 23-year-old director Audrey Estrougo.