These 10 best French movie trailers are expertly put together with great music and a perfect selection of scenes. They are engaging and will definitely make you want to watch the film. You might even find yourself replaying some of these trailers  just to see them again.

  1. "Amelie" This film's trailer starts off showing scenes from the movie with the famous Yann Tiersen-composed theme song. With beautiful clips of Amelie's adventures, you begin to see how to movie will unfold. The masterful and artistic scenes from this trailer are sure to captivate you.

  2. "Science Des Reves" If artistic and entertaining is what you seek, this trailer is for you. Directed by Michel Gondry, it's an absolutely phenomenal film captured amazingly in this trailer. This trailer is one you won't want to miss out on.

  3. "Ma Vie En Rose" This trailer is phenomenal with touching scenes that reveal an extremely emotional film. The purity and struggles of the movie were beautifully captured in this trailer. There is no doubt you will be turning on your TV to watch this great film shortly after.

  4. "Le Placard" This trailer has great music and narration to depict an extremely funny film. It perfectly captures the essence of comedy and humorous struggles. This trailer has everything you need to know the film is going to be just as great.

  5. "Delicatessen" This trailer has unique music and dark artistic scenes capturing the essence of the film. Starting out with a green filtered image of snails on a rotating record, it perfectly captures the dark artistic nature of the film. The film may be too dark for some, but the trailer itself is worth watching for its exceptional composition of scenes and music.

  6. "Jules et Jim" This film highlights the fun plot of this film about two men in love with the same woman. With upbeat music and great quotes captured in this trailer, it definitely makes you want to see the film itself. If you've already seen the movie, you may want to take a look at this great trailer as well.

  7. "L'auberge Espagnol" This trailer does an exceptional job of capturing the fast-paced and fun nature of this film. Capturing the essence of adventure and new experiences, the trailer makes you want to watch this film many times again. It's definitely a masterful trailer that does much more than just advertise a movie.

  8. "Diner de Cons" This trailer truly shows how wonderfully funny and enjoyable the film is. With fun and zany music, it definitely demonstrates the type of film it's going to be. The film's comedy is without a doubt evident in this great trailer.

  9. "8 Femmes" This trailer will show you the great songs and exceptional sense of humor in this musical comedy. You won't even have to get through the whole trailer before you're renting the DVD. This trailer definitely makes you want to see more.

  10. "Belle de Jour" This trailer reveals the artistic nature of a film about a woman who spends her days prostituting while her husband works. Both artistic and intriguing, you know it's a deep movie you'll want to watch. The trailer itself is masterful itself—a beautiful arrangement of scenes and music.