The 10 best French movie stars take their rank as some of the world's greatest actors. They've worked, not only in film, but also on stage. Whether they started their careers at French film's beginnings or are starting to make a new name for themselves, French movie stars are young and old talent.

  1. Gerard Depardieu. The quintessential French actor's actor. Depardieu began his career as a wondering theater actor. He got his luck break in the 80's and rose to win the heart of cinema lover's everywhere in the 90's when he was nominated for an Oscar.

  2. Juliette Binoche. Binoche's career is about qulaity over quantity. She won an Oscar for best supporting actress in her amazing role in the film "The English Patient". She has since layed low with the movie scene, but made a pleasant surprise appearance with her lead role in "Chocolat".

  3. Catherine DeneuveHer vast career in French films has dubbed her the title as one of France's "Grandes Dames". She began her career in the 60's and starred in controversial roles. She has a grace and poise on camera that many actresses can not match.

  4. Mathieu Amalric. A rising star in the French film scene, Mathieu Amalric is known for his big brown eyes. He grabbed the attention of the international community with his Oscar worthy performance in "The Diving Bell and The Butterfly". He spends his down-time teaching at Le Femis as well.

  5. Marion Cotillard. Her portrayal as Edith Piaf in the film "La Vie en Rose" easily nabbed her an Oscar. But it is rare to receive a fifteen minute standing ovation at a film's premiere, but that is what Marion Cotillard has done. After only a few roles, she has been titled one of France's "Grandes Dames" of cinema.

  6. Daniel Auteuil. He is known as the French Robert De Niro. However, his demenour is nothing like it. He was born from two opera singers and carries that grace over into each role he plays.

  7. Vincent Cassel. He once enrolled in circus school at the age of 17 and his talents from that and learning "Capoeira" are evident in the film "Ocean's Twelve." He typically plays the bad-boy role, but because of his talents, he lends a complexity to each simply character he portrays.

  8. Benoit Magimel. Audiences never know what he will do next. There are two sides to Benoit. He either stars in independent films or films made for wider audiences. His trademark is his serious and introverted nature which stands out in each role he plays.

  9. Brigette Bardot. The term "sex kitten" was brought back to life when Brigette Bardot came onto the scene. She mostly famous for her electric beauty which American men adored. However, life in the spotlight wasn't her passion, and she retired at the age of 40.

  10. Jean-Paul Belmondo. His breakthrough performance was in the classic New Wave film "Breathless." Since then, he switched gears and became a mainstream star typically featuring comedies. His smile is unmatched and continues to catch the attention of all audiences.