If you’re looking for sensuality, these 10 best French lesbian movies are at the top of the pack. You can be sure that French femmes know how to be sexual and sensual. The lesbian characters in these films will definitely win your heart. 

  1. “Secret Things.” The French lesbians in this movie are power-hungry and powerful. They take advantage of their sexuality and their sexual prowess to advance through their company.

  2. “French Twist.” Marijo isn’t the classic hot lesbian in film. She’s more tomboyish, a little on the large side, and in her forties. Nevertheless, she’ taken in by a gorgeous housewife and takes the place of her cheating husband in bed.

  3. “Les Biches.” This film involves lesbians in a sexy love triangle. When Frédérique and Why mee Paul, a hot threesome ensues and only two will make it out.

  4. “Family Pack.” Learn about the daily happenings of an unusual family in Montreal, Canada. One of the key storylines revolves around Sacha coming out about her homosexuality.

  5. “Why not me?” When Josepha holds a dinner party for various parents of lesbians who haven’t yet come out, there are mixed reactions when all of their daughters declare their homosexuality. The result is this hilarious French comedy.

  6. “Chaos and Desire.” Catherine has been hiding her love for Alice since college and now she’s ready to come out. When the two are reunited, there is sexual tension but will Alice reciprocate Catherine’s feelings?

  7. “The Story of O.” Rated NC-17, this movie involves a lot of bondage and forced sexual acts. At various points in the movie, Rene forces his girlfriend to have sex with other women.

  8. “Therese and Isabelle.” Recognized as a classic in lesbian film, it covers the story of two girls who fall in love during their time at a boarding school. Their budding romance is presented in flashback as Therese reminisces on the past.

  9. “Same Sex Parents.” Olympe doesn’t have a typical French family. Not only are her parents separated, but they’re also homosexuals-her mother is a lesbian and her father is gay. Through the movie, Olympe learns to understand and accept her parents as they are.

  10. “The Page Turner.” Mélanie is out for revenge when one of the female judges causes her to ruin her performance during an entrance exam to a renowned conservatory. Ten years later, the judge ends up falling in love with Mélanie.