10 Best French Horror Movies

Wednesday, January 26 by sameerah blue

Give yourself a scare with the 10 best French horror movies. The ten best French horror movies have the gore, monsters and black humor that makes horror movies fun to watch and adds a distinctly French artistry to it. Whether it’s the way these films are shot or the fact the speaking French makes everything a little bit cooler, the ten best French horror movies take horror and turn it into art.

  1. "Cache" (2005)- Starring Juliette Binoche, this French horror movie is a taunt thriller that focuses on a couple who begins receiving strange video tapes and post cards. Their attempts to find out who their stalker is drives a wedge between the couple and pushes the husband to the brink of madness.
  2. "Malefique" (2003)- If you’re into surreal horror with a supernatural twist, then this French horror movie is a must see. It’s the story of four men stuck in a French prison who decide to use an ancient tome found in their cell to attempt to escape.
  3. "Brotherhood of the Wolf" (2001)- Part horror film, part action film, this French horror movie is a modern retelling of the French myth “Beast of Gevaudan”.
  4. "Baby Blood" (1990)- A movie that makes our list of the ten best French horror movies because it manages to blend aliens, serial killers and loads of unintentional comedy. When aliens finally make it to Earth, they take up residence inside of the uterus of a young woman and turn her into a serial killer.
  5. "The Pack" (2010)- While taking break at the rest stop, the hitch hiker Charlotte picked up along the way disappears. Concerned for the strangers safety, Charlotte returns to the rest stop and finds that she is the main course for a family of blood thirsty ghouls.
  6. "La Morte Vivante" (1982)- The translation of the title of this French horror movie is “Living Dead Girl”. It’s a fun story of a dead but beautiful young woman who is brought back back as a zombie thanks to toxic waste being dumped near her burial ground.
  7. "Eyes Without a Face" (1960)- This makes the list of the ten best French horror movies because of the odd but amazing mix of tenderness and horror. It’s the story of a  scientist who is trying to procure a new face for his deformed daughter  by luring young women to his lab.
  8. "The Tenant" (1976) - A young man moves into the apartment of a woman who has recently committed suicide. The longer he is in the apartment, the more he feels compelled to live out the girls last horrific moments. This makes the list of the ten best French horror movies because there are few things as scary as Roman Polanski in drag.
  9. "Shock Treatment" (1973)- Although it was filmed in the 70s, this French horror movie warns about the dangers of youth obsession, making it still relevant today. It’s the story of a middle aged woman who seeks a cure for aging  through a combination of shock treatments and harvesting the blood of young men.
  10. "With a Friend like Harry" (2000)-This makes the list of the ten best French horror movies because of its blend of black humor and grisly murders. While on vacation, Michel runs into his old pal Harry, and the pleasant reunion quickly becomes sinister when Harry begins to insert himself into Michel’s life.
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