10 Best French Erotic Movies

Thursday, March 3 by sameerah blue

Wrap yourself in the warmth and sensuality with the 10 best French erotic movies. The movies that made the list of the ten best French erotic movies explore the best and the worst of sexual relationships taking you down the darkest paths of desire and building to the ultimate in sexual experiences.

  1. “Last Tango in Paris” (1972)- In his last performance as a sex symbol, this French erotic movie stars Marlon Brando as widower still reeling from his wife’s unexpected suicide. But he finds a place to vent his sorrow and a few other things in the warm embrace of Maria Schenedier.
  2. “Nathalie” (2003)- When she expects that her husband is having an affair, a desperate wife hires a prostitute to seduce her husband and report the details of their encounters to her. This French erotic movie is a must see for its sensuality and its film noir motifs.
  3. “Lady Chatterly” (2006)- Based on the D.H. Lawrence novel that would spawn a soft core porn franchise, this movie makes the list of the ten best French Erotic movies for it’s sensual sex scenes and for its soft tenderness.
  4. “Cecilia” (1982)- This French erotic movie starts out disturbing, but if you can get past it you will reap the benefits of the hotness that follows. Instead of going to the police after her rape, Cecilia uses her experience to explore the darkest depths of her sexuality.
  5. “The Story of O” (1975)- Adapted from a book that was so scandalous that the writer didn’t want to use her real name when it was originally published, this French erotic movie explores the violent and sexy world of BDSM.
  6. “The Lovers” (1958)- You know life is getting pretty dull when you’re rich and bored with your money, your husband and your lover. But in this French erotic movie, a lonely socialite finds just what she needs in the arms of a handsome young stranger.
  7. “Anatomy of Hell” (2004)- Part sexual thriller, part study on how men deal with female sexuality, this French erotic movie looks at a woman who hires a man to watch her most intimate moments for four days.
  8. “Rendez-vous” (1985)- This French erotic movie follows the exploits of a an actress and her entanglements with three different men as she looks to  find a balance between sexual and emotional attachment.
  9. “The Bathers” (2003)- Get a glimpse on the inside of a Parisian peep show in this French erotic movie. This movie is all sex and scandal as you watch the characters made their way through their sex and drug fueled existence.
  10. “Romance” (1999)- A film that proves “be careful what you wish for” isn’t just blowing smoke, this French erotic movie follows a frustrated teachers whose boyfriend refuses to have sex with her down the dark path of sexual degradation. And while she finally gets his attention, it may not be the life she expected.
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