The 10 best French drama movies ever are all about reaching into the soul and stirring it up. French films are known for making a serious impact on its audiences. Whether its a story about love (which it typically is) or a story about war, drama is also a reoccurring role.

  1. "La Vie En Rose" Telling the epic life saga of Edith Piaf, "La Vie en Rose" explores the tragedies of life and love. Marion Cotillard gives the performance of a lifetime portraying Edith. With all of her complexities and staunch sense of humor, drama still followed her around like one of her many fans.

  2. "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" Based on the true story of Elle editor Jean Dominique Bauby, "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" is one of France's greatest dramas that leaves audiences feeling warm-hearted. Bauby gets in an accident that leaves him completely paralyzed except for his left eye. He uses this eye to communicate with the world and eventually to write his own novel based upon his life in which he titles "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly".

  3. "I Loved You So Long" This film explores one of the worst tragedies of all time, a parent losing their child. However, the exceptional part about this film is that the parent is the one who has killed the child, intentionally. Exploring why and how a mother could do such a thing is the exact fundamental drama of the entire film.

  4. "L'Enfant" This film creeps into the mind like a thief. It revolves around two thieving characters who have a baby and exploit their child for money. However, their conflict of parental instinct and worldly needs begin to take their toles.

  5. "Jules et Jim" Classic love triangle movie expanding over, what feels like, decades. When love is in conflict and at stake, drama always follows.

  6. "Carnage" As odd as it may seem, this film follows the remains of a left-over bull's body and its effects on eight different women, seven different men all in three different countries, "Carnage" makes it look easy. In a world where "There are no coincidences... only connections", drama swiftly follows.

  7. "Coco Before Chanel" Not many are aware of Coco Chanel's minimal upbringings and torrid love affairs, however, "Coco Before Chanel" explores that exact lifestyle. The beloved French actress Audrey Tatou plays Chanel as she evolves from Can-Can singer, to famous fashion icon.

  8. "I Stand Alone" Being lied to isn't something others take lightly. When the lead character of this film gets convinced to abandon his mentally-handicapped daughter because he has been told he would have a new butcher shop, he swiftly sets out to find his daughter once again.

  9. "Julia" Search for self has never been more entangled than in the film "Julia." Its complex story line was met beautiful cinematography which only matched itself to the characters.

  10. "A Simple Story" A simple story is never very simple at all. This film follows a woman who decides to leave her lover and abort his baby only to return to a life where everyone else has the same problems. This film holds a mirror to an imperfect society.