Looking for the 10 best French comedy movies of all time? Despite the fact that comedy isn’t a genre that the French typically excel at, there have been quite a few exceptions. Be sure to track down any of these films you haven’t seen for a good laugh.

  1. “Weekend.” Jean-Luc Godard’s clever critique of the bourgeoisie is at once shocking and hilarious. It tops our list of the 10 best French comedy movies.

  2. “Ma Vie en Rose.” This touching film is about a little boy who wants to be a little girl. Lots of misadventures result, and many of them are hilarious.

  3. “Delicatessen.” “Delicatessen” is one of the more bizarre French comedy movies. It is about a meat deli for cannibals.

  4. “La Cage Aux Folles.” Remember that Robin Williams flick “The Bird Cage”? This is the original film it was based one, and happens to be one of the best French comedy movies with a gay theme ever made.

  5. “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie.” This classic black comedy is about a group of friends who meet together regularly for a meal. The noted surrealist Luis Buñuel directed it.

  6. “Sitcom.” It is one of Francois Ozon’s earliest films and it pokes fun at the suburban middle class. Easily one of the best French comedy movies made in recent years.

  7. “The Dinner Game.” A funny film about a group of friends that gets together in order to play a very cruel game. The movie is currently being re-made in the United States.

  8. “The Closet.” This hilarious movie is about a guy working for a condom company who has to pretend he is gay in order to keep his job. This is our favorite French comedy movie with Gerard Depardieu.

  9. “The Visitors.” Two guys from the 12th century are propelled into modern day France. Chaos and intrigue are the ultimate hilarious results.

  10. “The Million.” “The Million” is a musical comedy from the early 1930's. It tells the tale of a lost lottery ticket. This uproarious flick rounds out our list of the 10 best French comedy movies.