If Quebec cinema is your interest, here are 10 best French Canadian movies to explore. Quebec films are usually more successful at the box office than English Canadian films, since Quebec audiences seem to prefer French-language films while English Canadians lean toward Hollywood movies.

  1. “Bonheur D’Occasion” is a 1983 French Canadian drama set in the 1940s nominated for several awards and won awards at the Montreal Film Festival. The story centers on a young woman who meets two very different men and must decide whether to follow her head or heart. Mireille Deyglun, Pierre Chagnon and Michel Forget star in the film.

  2. “C.R.A.Z.Y.” is a 2005 French Canadian family film. The story focuses on the extraordinary lives of a very ordinary family: fiv brothers who are very different from each other. A winner of nearly 40 film awards, this movie stars Michel Côté, Marc-André Grondin and Danielle Proulx

  3. “Cruising Bar” is a 1991 French-language comedy from Quebec. The story centers on four men who go “babe hunting” on a Saturday night. Interestingly, the lead characters are all played by the same actor. The winner of a Genie Award, this film stars Michel Côté, Louise Marleau and Geneviève Rioux.

  4. “La Grande Séduction,” also known as “Seducing Doctor Lewis,” is a 2003 romantic comedy. The story revolves around a group of townspeople in a tiny fishing village who are promised an economic boost if they can lure a doctor to take up residency on their island. David Boutin, Lucie Laurier and Raymond Bouchard star in the film, which won numerous awards.

  5. “La Moitié Gauche Du Frigo,” known in English as “The Left Hand Side of the Fridge,” is a 2000 comedy from Quebec. The film centers on a man who agrees to be filmed by his roommate as he searches for a meaningful job. The winner of a Toronto Film Festival Award, this movie star Paul Ahmarani, Stéphane Demers and Geneviève Néron.

  6. “La Turbulence Des Fluides,” also known as “Chaos and Desire,” is a 2002 romantic mystery drama. The award-winning movies centers on a seismologist who investigates the puzzling cessation of water tides near her Quebec hometown. Pascale Bussières, Julie Gayet and Jean-Nicolas Verreault star in the film.

  7. “La Vie Après L’amore,” or “Life After Love,” is a 2000 French-language comedy. The story centers on a kind-hearted dentist who struggles with depression after his wife of 20 years leaves him for another man. This award-winning Quebec hit stars Michel Côté, Sylvie Léonard and Patrick Huard. 

  8. “Le Déclin De L'empire Américain,” or “The Decline on the American Empire,” is a 1986 Quebec film. The French-language comedy centers on four Montreal couples who attend a dinner party and discuss sex, the female body and affairs. The Oscar-nominated movie stars Dominique Michel, Louise Portal and Dorothée Berryman.

  9. “Ma Vie En Cinemascope,” also known as “Bittersweet Memories,” is a 2004 biographical drama and musical. The film follows the career of Alice Robitaille, a legendary jazz singer from Quebec City known by her stage name of Alys Robi. This award-winning French-language movie stars Pascale Bussières, Michel Barrette and Serge Postigo. 

  10. “Monica La Mitraille,” known in English as “Machine Gun Molly,” is a 2004 drama. It centers on the oldest daughter of a poor Montreal family, who is determined to make a better life for herself any way she can—including bank robbery. The winner of a Genie Award, this movie stars Céline Bonnier, Roy Dupuis and Patrick Huard.