With this ranking of the 10 best French adult movies, you’ll see that the Eiffel Tower isn’t the only inspiration for love. These movies include plenty of erotic and sensual content. French people are known for being the pioneers of fashion and elegance, and these movies have that special, elegant touch. If you like really cool accents and sensual plots, don’t miss out on these sexy French movies.

“L’Amant ” This movie is an erotic mix of cultures. It’s the story of a romance between a French adolescent girl, the spectacular actress and model Jane March, and a Chinese man, the great actor Tony Leung Ka-Fa.

“Beau-Père” Released in the 80’s, this erotic movie definitely stirred up controversy. Before her mother’s death, Marion begins to develop romantic feelings for her step-father, Remy. It’s a movie about the incestuous romance between an old man and a young girl.

“L’ennui” The critics loved this movie for its excellent plot. Despite the many erotic and nude scenes, this movie has a good story that touches on the crises that people can suffer at middle age.

"Belle de Jour" Catherine Deneuve is the sex symbol in this movie. Her beautiful body allows her to perfectly act the part of a seductive woman. This erotic movie was directed by Luis Bunuel, a well-known filmmaker, who brings us this intense drama that you’ll definitely adore.

"Lunes de Fiel" The great director, Roman Polanski, brings us this excellent blend of love and drama with really erotic and sensual scenes.

“The Hairdresser's Husband” This movie is full of romance and tells the story of a couple passionately in love. With an unrealistic and erotic touch, you’ll definitely love this film!

“Lady Chatterley” This film has such an interesting story. It brings up issues like social barriers and erotic affairs.

“Betty Blue” This film is based on Philippe Djian’s novel of the same name. Betty and Zorg have lived together for a while. When they have an argument over a senseless issue, Betty discovers some manuscripts of a novel that Zorg had been writing. This is when she realizes that he really has potential and swears to publish his novel herself.

“Ma mère” This is another film that deeply explores the topic of incest. It tells of a romance between a son and his mother, with an age difference of over twenty years.

“La Femme Defendue” A seductive 22-year-old virgin dates a 39-year-old man, who’s always asking her to get naked and swears that he won’t touch her at all. He breaks his promise and they both fall into a passionate love affair.