If you like guns and watching things explode you should watch the 10 best French action movies. The films that made the list of the ten best French action movies are filled with insane car chases, sick fight scenes and that special je ne sais quoi that makes French films awesome.

  1. “La Femme Nikita” (1990). The story of a convicted felon who is trained to be a sexy spy was remade for American audiences as “Point of No Return” with Bridgette Fonda and was a short lived TV series. Being an awesome film that has spawned some interesting spin offs is what this is one of the ten best French action movies.

  2. “Doberman”(1997). A career criminal who got his first gun when he was christened, Doberman leads a gang of brutal, high tech bank robbers into a daring heist that will either make them all rich or them killed trying. Punctuated by insane car chases sick weapons, this one of the ten best French action movies is a must see for fans of car chases.

  3. “Leon” (1994). This one of the ten best French action movies stars an adorable young Natalie Portman who befriends a Mafia hit man after her family is slaughtered by a corrupt DEA agent. Jean Reno is brilliant as Leon, the stoic hit man who slowly opens up to his new ward, and Gary Oldman is killer as a drug crazed DEA agent.

  4. “The Nest” (2002). Starring the notorious Samy Naceri, this one of the ten best French action movies may be a case of art imitating life. A group of cops escorting a drug lord to prison are ambushed by hit men trying to free their boss. Watching Naceri kick ass on the bad guys is awesome but as awesome as it is to see him work you have to wonder if he still thought he was in character when he was arrested for assault.

  5. “Kiss of the Dragon”(2001). If you’re a fan of action and martial arts then you have to check out this film entry of the ten best French action movies. Jet Li stars as a Chinese special agent who is sent to France and finds himself framed for murder and on the run. It goes without saying that anything with Jet Li is going to have some killer fight scenes in it and those scenes are made even more awesome with Tcheky Karyo as the villain.

  6. “The Transporter” (2002). This is the movie that made Jason Statham an action star. Featuring some amazing car chases a handful of explosions and wicked fight scenes this one of the ten best French action movies is a near perfect action movie experience.

  7. “Brotherhood of the Wolf” (2001). Part action film, part horror film, this one of the ten best French action movies takes it cues from the legend of a werewolf the terrorized the French countryside in the 18th century and the men who are sent to kill the beast.

  8. “Vengeance” (2009). Revenge is a dish best served bloody. After twenty years as a hit man for the Mob, Costello decides to trade in is gun for life behind the stove and becomes a chief. But the brutal murder of his family brings him back to his old ways and he hires a group of desperados to help him avenge his family.

  9. “District B13” (2004). Set in the oh so futuristic world of 2010, this movie looks at a world where the ghettos of Paris are walled off from the rest of the city. Leaving an under cover cop and an ex-con as the only people who can defuse a bomb in the heart of the city’s toughest ghetto.

  10. “Wasabi” (2001). Another one of the ten best French action movies to star Jean Reno but this time he plays a dedicated cop who is forced to take a leave. While on leave, he goes to Japan to solve the mysterious death of his long lost wife.