If you’ve ever been curious about African cinema, you should give these Ghana movies a try. When compared to movies you're used to seeing, some of the acting and production values in the Ghana movies may seem a bit off, but the stories they spin are epic mellow dramas for the ages. Fraught with the kind of drama that rivals their American counterparts, these Ghana movies have mother-daughter love triangles that would shame even the most desperate of housewives and demons so creepy that spitting pea soup is the least of your worries if one gets its hands on you. So put away any cultural bias you may have and prepare to lose yourself in the magic of the movies.

“Disciples of the Anti Christ” Part fairytale and part horror story, this Ghana movie tells the story of a young girl named Sandra who is possessed by an evil water demon. This isn’t your run of the mill possession where most agents of the dark are content to make you spit pea soup, spin your head backwards and you say horrible things about your priest's mother. This demon drags his victim to his undersea lair where he forces the girl to marry him and have his water babies. Now Sandra is back on the surface and looking for love with only one little problem—any man who courts her is destined to die a horrible death at the hands of her water demon husband.

“Sweet Mama” In Ghana times are tough just like for the rest of the world and it’s getting harder for a single mother to make ends meet. In attempts to solve some of her financial woes, she decides to sell her teenage daughter off in the form of an arranged marriage. Her friends try to talk her out of it, but selling her daughter into marriage may be the only way to keep the family afloat. What starts out as a sad situation for most of the players in this Ghana movie takes a turn for the sick and weird when both mother and daughter fall for the man they have arranged the marriage with.

“Love and Lust” This Ghana movie is a story that has been told before in every culture on the planet—boy meets girl; they fall in love; girl gives up her dreams and their love slowly deteriorates into a life of bitter regret. It’s a darker and slightly more realistic version of romantic drama than you may be used to seeing, but this Ghana movie manages to paint a fairly realistic picture of what can happen to a relationship when people are asked to sacrifice their dreams for the one they love.

“Return of the White Hunters” If they ever made a reality show called “The Real Housewives of Ghana” there is no doubt that the characters in this Ghana movie would be front and center. Mercy, Funk and Ini are the personification of the word “freniemies”—they spend their days back stabbing one another and their nights seducing the rich tourists that wonder into their town and into their beds all in efforts to be perceived as the richest woman in town.

“Brothers Apart” Greed and sibling rivalry dominate the plot of this Ghana movie. The ne’er do well of the family, James has allowed his greed and manipulation to drive a wedge between him and his siblings, but he's back and in desperate need of his family’s help. While his brothers are ready to lend him a hand, their sister Mary stays weary of the prodigal brother's return and sees his pleas for help as just another con. Like any good family mellow drama, this movie will have you laughing and crying until you don’t know what to do with yourself.