Funny Dubbed Movies

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The 3 Idiots on butt stools 

If you want to laugh at people from other countries while simultaneously impressing some culture snobs, then you’ll need to check out some of these funny dubbed movies. Don’t worry, it’ll be our little secret that you didn’t opt for the subtitled versions. Besides, comedy truly is a universal language and provided you can stand the somewhat shoddy English dubbing (better than reading it though, right?), these films are guaranteed to give you some major laughs. If you love comedies—and really, who doesn’t—do yourself a favor check these out.



Getting released from the mental institution in Elling

This  little known gem from Norway, released in 2001, focuses on a sensitive man who has a knack for poetry. Sheltered by his mother all his life, he is forced to live in a state institution following her death. There, he meets and befriends two odd individuals. The trio end up living together after their release. The film picked up several prestigious movie awards and was even nominated for an Oscar.


My Sassy Girl

The sassy girl getting a piggy back ride

This Korean production was first shown in 2001 was a surprise hit in Asia. The film was based on the internet writings of a young man about his strange and complicated relationship with an equally strange but beautiful girl. My Sassy Girl stars Gianna Jun and Tae-hyun Cha. The movie did so well that it spawned an American remake The American version pales in comparison though so if you have not seen either, picking up the original Korean release is a must.



Young Amelie photographing a bunny-shaped cloud

Released in 2001, Amélie is an imaginative comedy starring the lovely Audrey Tautou. Sharp eyed movie goers may recognize a slightly older Tantou performing opposite Tom Hanks in The Da Vinci Code. The film revolves around a shy young woman who makes it her mission in life to make people happy. She also pursues a handsome weirdo who collects discarded pictures from photo booths. This French classic has had a tremendous impact on pop culture—we’ve all see the traveling garden gnome, right? It originated in Amélie.


Shaolin Soccer

Cleat to face kick in Shaolin Soccer

For something a little more ridiculous, why not consider the Hong Kong-made Shaolin Soccer? Written, directed and starring the talented Stephen Chow, the film effectively merges martial arts and soccer action. One of the best slapstick comedies of its kind, Shaolin Soccer tells of a Shaolin Kung-Fu practitioner who meets a former soccer coach. Chow, who plays a Shaolin master combines his martial arts abilities with his soccer to become an amazing player and even helps train other players who all end up playing as teammates. Together they hope to compete in and win a prestigious soccer tournament.


3 Idiots

The 3 Idiots on butt stools

In this offbeat Bollywood flick, three college buddies made a bet to see who would become the most successful. They meet ten years later but only two of the three show up. Worried, the pair search for their missing friend. Those not familiar with films from the Indian subcontinent should expect the gratuitous song and dance numbers with women dressed in loud, bright colors. A tad long, this zany movie’s running time clocks in at almost three hours.

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