The Surprisingly A-List Marmaduke Movie Cast

Sunday, October 23 by Russell Deza

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	The “Marmaduke” movie cast is a who's who of Hollywood stars. <a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>Marmaduke</a>, the lovable Great Dane from the classic comic strip, finally hit the big screen in <a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>2010</a>. Although some consider the film to be a total dud, older fans who grew up enjoying Marmaduke's hilarious exploits in the daily paper are sure to appreciate the fine efforts of the “Marmaduke” movie cast.</p>
<p style= Stacy Ferguson.

Stacy Ferguson.jpg

Ferguson is better known by her stage name “Fergie”, lead signer of the ultra-popular Black Eyed Peas. Although she started her career as a musician, Fergie has slowly developed her acting chops. She first appeared in bit television roles then landed small but worthwhile acting assignments in the big screen. She has lent her voice to a few animated movies and appeared in projects such as Nine and Robert Rodriguez's “Planet Terror” before collaborating with established Hollywood actors as a member of the "Marmaduke" movie cast. In “Marmaduke”, Fergie plays “Jezebel” a beautiful Rough Collie who was initially Marmaduke's object of affection. Fergie plays a dog, how appropriate?


Sam Elliot.

Sam Elliot.jpg

The rich, perfectly-aged and majestic look of Sam Elliot is enhanced by his bushy horseshoe mustache and deep Western drawl to give him the look of a classic American cowboy. As is such, the grizzled actor has landed several Western-type roles throughout his stellar career. Even though he had a minor role in “Marmaduke”, Elliot was perfect as “Chupadogra” an old English Mastiff who gives Marmaduke some sage words of advice. The elderly canine was feared by other around him as they thought he had contracted Rabies and devoured his owner.


William H. Macy.

<a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>William H. Macy</a>.jpg” src=” H. Macy.jpg” /></p>
<p style= Another industry veteran, William H. Macy plays the part of “Don Twombly”, the hard-nosed boss of Marmaduke's owner. The wealthy businessman manages “Bark Organic”, a premium dog food brand. With most of the "Marmaduke" movie cast working in sound studios performing as voice actors, William H. Macy leads the handful of live-action actors that actually appear on screen. A consumate character actor, Macy is best known for his magnificent performance in “Fargo”, the 1996 black comedy which landed him an Academy Award nomination.


Lee Pace.

<a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>Lee Pace</a>..jpg” src=” Pace..jpg” /></p>
<p style= The adorable and unassuming Lee Pace has had excellent showings in some earlier, low-key film projects. His stock as an entertainer rose considerably thanks to his role as “Ned” in the hit series “Pushing Daisies”. He joined the "Marmaduke" movie cast as “Phil Winslow”, Marmaduke's persevering owner. Pace unfortunately bears the brunt of Marmaduke's misadventures and escapades, but ultimately has things work out quite well for him. 


Owen Wilson.

<a href='' class='linkify' target='_blank'>Owen Wilson</a>.jpg” src=” Wilson.jpg” /></p>
<p style= Love him or hate him, Owen Wilson is a bona fide star who has a appeared is a slew of blockbuster films. His detractors often point out that Wilson only talent is his ability to play parodies of himself. Judging by his consistently strong box office performance, it seems that most audiences are willing to pay for a chance to enjoy his quirky demeanor and somewhat annoying brand of humor. In "Marmaduke", Owen Wilson plays the big dog himself who gets into a heap of trouble but in the end, manages to salvage and save his owner's job. Wilson gets top billing and leads the star-studded "Marmaduke" movie cast.

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