If you are looking to learn about "The Last Airbender" movie cast, these are the five main actors that starred in the 2010 adventure fantasy film. The movie was directed by M. Night Shyamalan and was adapted from the animated television show, "Avatar The Last Airbender." The cast is a mixture of established actors and newcomers. The movie was nominated for eight Razzie Awards, and won four including Worst Picture. There are some big names in "The Last Airbender" movie cast who have promising careers that will not be affected by the negative impact of the film.

  1. Noah Ringer. Born in November 18, 1997, this "The Last Airbender" movie cast member portrayed the main character, Aang. He had no on-screen acting experience prior to his role in "The Last Airbender." Ringer gained the role of Aang when he auditioned at an open casting call in his home state of Texas. In 2011, he will star alongside Olivia Wilde, and Harrison Ford in the movie "Cowboys & Aliens." Not a bad cast to be tied to for his second major motion picture. Being part of "The Last Airbender" movie cast seems to be paying off for Noah Ringer.

  2. Dev Patel. Born in London, England, Patel is another cast member that has limited acting experience. Despite starring in few movies, he has a massive amount of popularity from starring in the 2008 movie, "Slumdog Millionaire." His first major motion picture since "Slumdog Millionaire" was 2010's "The Last Airbender." His long breaks between movies seem to be over because in 2011, his film, "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" will be released. In 2012, he will star in "Cherry" alongside James Franco and Heather Grahm. Prior to becoming a movie star, Patel was a cast member on the television show "Skins." In "The Last Airbender" Patel portrayed Prince Zuko.

  3. Nicola Peltz. This "The Last Airbender" movie cast member is one of seven children. One thing is for certain, Peltz is not in the entertainment industry for the money because her father is a billionaire businessman who owns the Snapple brand. Her first acting role was in the 2006 comedy "Deck the Halls," which also starred Matthew Broderick, Danny DeVito and Kristin Davis. Her third motion picture to star in was "The Last Airbender" in which she portrayed Katara, the last remaining waterbender. In 2011, she will star in the movie "Eye of the Hurricane" as Renee Kyte.

  4. Jackson Rathbone. If you are a fan of the "Twilight" movies then you are familiar with this "Last Airbender" movie cast member. In the "Twilight" movies, he portrays the vampire Jasper Hale. Rathbone's acting career started in 2005 with a small role in the movie "River's End." From 2005 to 2006, he starred in the short-lived television series "Beautiful People" as Nicholas Fiske. His big break came in 2008 with the movie "Twilight," which brought on starring roles in the films "Girlfriend," "Cowgirls n' Angels," Dead" and "The Idiot." Born in 1984, Rathbone portrayed a fifteen-year-old warrior named Sokka in the 2010 movie "The Last Airbender." Playing someone ten years younger could be hard to pull off, but the adorably good looking Rathbone did it with ease.

  5. Shaun Toub. Toub has been a cast member in many successful movies including "Iron Man," "Crash" and "The Kite Runner." The Iranian-American actor was born in 1963 and grew up in England. He has been a steady working actor since 1988, and has appeared in many television shows as a one-time character. Some noteworthy television series he guest starred on include "Lost," "Chuck," "The Unit," "The Sopranos" and "Seinfeld." In the movie "The Last Airbender," he portrays Iroh, who is Prince Zuko's uncle. In 2011, he will star in the movie "Setup" alongside Bruce Willis and Ryan Phillippe.

- Natalie Kuchik