When it comes to inspirational movies with a message that speaks to everyone, the “Remember the Titans” cast will stick with you in the days following its viewing. Based on a true story, this film takes a closer look at how individuals worked out their differences as school policy changed create a racially diverse environment. With what seemed like challenges around every corner, thi high school football team worked hard to try to make a statement within their own hometown as well as the nation.

Coach Herman Boone played by Denzel Washington.

One of the most pivotal members of the “Remember the Titans” cast was Coach Herman Boone. It would seem that all was going well until he was made head coach of the T.C. Williams High School football team. As an African American coming in to take over an already successful program, he was met with opposition from players, parents, and even board members. Some of his techniques were unusual, but he taught the players to look beyond the skin color of his teammates.

Coach Bill Yoast played by Will Patton.

Coach Bill Yoast was also a member of the “Remember the Titans” cast that was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Things seemed to be going well as he ran a highly successful football program and was being nominated for the Hall of Fame. While many times he seems to be in the background he still is a participating member of the team. He changes over time to come around to the strange methods of Coach Boone.

Julius Campbell Played by Wood Harris.

As the team leader for a segment of the team, Julius finds himself in an uncomfortable position. He is faced with the task of leading his team, a large portion of the “Remember the Titans” cast and setting himself out as an example. He experiences both triumph and disappointment as he looks for friendship in teammate Gerry Bertier.

Gerry Bertier played by Ryan Hurst.

The job of team captain is never easy and Gerry found out the hard way that with new students and a new football coach, life was going to change. As a key member of the “Remember the Titans” cast, there are times when he is torn between his team and people like his girlfriend that just don’t understand his new friendships. In the end, when tragedy strikes, he finds out just who his real friends are.

Sheryl Yoast played by Hayden Panettiere.

While she may not get as much screen time as some of the other “Remember the Titans” cast she makes sure to take advantage of every moment she gets. As Coach Yoast’s spunky daughter she seems to have a lot to say about coaching, what’s right, what’s wrong and life in general. She doesn’t fit in with other girls her age because they seem to be consumed with dolls and dress up. She knows about football plays and ways to set up a defense.

While these five stand out, each and every member of the “Remember the Titans” cast is important to the story as well as the overall message of what it means to put aside differences and work together.