If you are looking for a fun marathon idea for a children's party or a way to entertain your kids on a rainy day, consider these space alien movies for kids. They're entertaining enough to capture even short attention spans, and these stories are deep enough to invite discussions on the storylines and choices of the characters after each film.

  1. "E.T."-Perhaps the most beloved science fiction film for children is Steven Spielberg's "E.T." It starred a young Henry Thomas, an even younger Drew Barrymore, Dee Wallace as the lovable mom, and, of course, E.T. It follows the story of a group of children who fall in love with an alien, yet work hard to make sure that he finds his way back home.

  2. "Men in Black"-Will Smith stars in this fun flick that takes the classic myth of the "men in black" concept and makes it funny. It follows the story of the recruitment of one man who joins the force to cover up alien life.

  3. "Flight of the Navigator"-In this charming movie from Disney, 12-year-old David is a typical kid. However, his world is turned upside down when he is abducted by aliens in a space craft and finds himself thrust into the future and into new worlds of adventure. 

  4. "Star Wars"-Most people, even kids, have heard quotes from this film before they even see it. Who hasn't heard, "May the force be with you." The movie is timeless in its appeal, and the story is gripping and will entertain kids for repeat showing.

  5. "The Last Starfighter"-Set in the 1980s, an age when kids went to the arcade instead of to their Wiis and Playstations, this science fiction movie from the decade of excess will also be a lesson in modern history. It follows the story of a teen video game expert after he's recruited by a space alien.

  6. "Village of the Damned"-This one gets a bit scary, so it's probably not for the youngest kids. However, this movie from 1960 packs a punch with its creativity and original storyline of alien children.

  7. "Aliens in the Attic"-In the grand tradition of family films since "Home Alone," kids will love this movie as it's children who save the day. The movie shows both good and bad aliens, and there are characters that will appeal to all age groups.

  8. "Xanadu"-The alien from space in this movie is Greek muse from another world, but it is a film that is timeless in its appeal to children of all ages. It's got great music (the soundtrack was a bestseller), Olivia Newton-John, and choreographed roller skating.

  9. "Contact"-Jodie Foster stars in this movie about a SETI scientist trying to make first contact with aliens. There are a lot of adults in the movie (aside from flashback scenes of Foster's character as a girl), but kids will be entertained by the strong story, great visual effects, and cool characters.

  10. "The Day the Earth Stood Still"-This movie from 1951 (which was recently remade as well) is a classic that kids will love to see again and again. It centers on an alien who comes to earth with an important message: live in peace or else.