Movies often cater to either adults or children but with these feature films for families everyone can watch together. A great family film means that there are plenty of laughs for all ages without being condescending to any age group. Rally the family for a fun movie night where you don't need to cover anyone's ears or stifle your own groans from the pain of a bad movie with this outpouring of family friendly movies:

"The Muppet Movie". With layered humor, "The Muppet Movie" brings out laughs at any age. From slapstick to sarcastic, from visual to imaginative, the humor is not locked up in one niche. Watch the innovation before computers took over effects in the films and see if you can puzzle the stunts out yourself. With all the characters, every personality gets someone to root for and laugh with. A great stepping stone for the rest of the Muppet series as well as the new film soon to hit theatres, this feature film for families shows that great comedy can be achieved without pandering to one group or another. Relax with the kids and enjoy this laugh fest as they experience the Muppets for the first time.

"Up". Kicking off with three different types of loss, "Up" doesn't pander to its audience whether young or old. Adults can help their kids understand the death of a loved one or let it fly by the kids if they're too young. Russel presents a hero for the children while the adults can tag along as well or root for Carl. Both heroes have qualities every one can identify with and their at odds relationship gives the family something to root for as they wish for them to come together and become friends. Throw in a lovable talking dog, as strange bird and mildly threatening villains and evil dogs and you get a movie that gives all the action one could want without delving into graphic displays of violence. Touching on multiple levels this feature film for families conveys real, accessible emotions while giving enough punch that no one is going to get bored with the storyline.

"Robin Hood". Infectious sums up this animated feature film for families. From the laughs to the quotes to the various, delightful characters and their zany personalities this story delivers laughter and adventure. The cowardly Prince John will delight children while the romance between Marion and Robin as well as the subterfuge and intrigue behind the scenes keeps the parents invested. With clownish bad guys, no one will get scared but instead will be empowered to rally against the villains all while hoping for Robin to win the day. "Robin Hood" also brings so many memorable songs that there will be humming and singing for weeks to come.

"Howl's Moving Castle". Magic and love take center stage in this feature film for families. Imagination is allowed to soar in all places within this film and that is rewarding both for children who can see things that they might not normally be exposed to in standard kid films and adults get to delight in the extraordinary along with the young ones. A dream in film, "Howl's Moving Castle" ignores typical boundaries and invites the audience, young and old, to dance with them from rooftop to rooftop. Truly a feature film for the family that will open up all minds to the power of imagination.

"Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit". There is nothing quite like the visual feel of claymation. With "Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit" not only do you get loads of laughs but a loving friendship between a man and his smarter dog. With a villain that's really just a hungry, overstuffed rabbit everyone can appreciate the antagonist and not feel bad in taking joy from the small victories the bunny pulls off during this feature film for families. Sure to spawn some ludicrous inventions after viewing, this film will make sure to spark new ideas within the kids. A great feature film for families to introduce everyone to the world of Wallace and Gromit.

-Matthew Langenfeld