If you're looking for some good family fun, you need to look for some of the best movies with heroes for families. Superhero films are always fun, so the following list of movies with heroes for families is a great resource for parents who might be a little unsure of what to watch with their younger children. Pop some popcorn, get the soda and get ready to relax with these movies with heroes for families.

  1. "Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm" While it may be animated, please note that this movie with heroes for families does contain some mature elements and heavy-handed issues. Batman finds himself face to face with a more perverted notion of himself while an Angel of Death holds Gotham City ransom in this animated masterpiece. The voice work is top notch and should definitely be watched by families with young teenagers.

  2. "The Incredibles" Pixar's Oscar-winning masterpiece is definitely one of the best movies with heroes for families. Kids will love all of the high-octane action and occasional slapstick comedy, while adults will revel in the references to their old childhood and appreciate the main message of "things change when you have a family." Both heartwarming and hilarious, this is a movie for any type of family.

  3. "Spider-Man" Say what you will about the acting, this is easily one of the best movies with heroes for families. The message of "great power means great responsibility" is easy enough for the younger ones to digest, but the action is enough that even the most stoic of parents will enjoy it. While it might not live up to its sequel, it's definitely something that both comic and non-comic fans can enjoy equally, making it one of the better movies with heroes for families.

  4. "Iron Man" Tony Stark may be an alcoholic womanizer, portrayed by real-life alcoholic womanizer Robert Downey Jr., but this is still a great movie with heroes for kids. Despite his nefarious ways, the sex and booze have been toned down to fit the eyes of the younger ones, but there's still enough flashy eye candy for older audiences. This is definitely one of the movies you want to save for older teenagers, maybe even your tweens.

  5. "Megamind" This recent box office hit is definitely one of the best movies with heroes for families. Will Farrell and Brad Pitt play a super villain and superhero, respectively, who are battling for dominion over the same city. Kids will love the slight potty humor and Farrell's loud antics, while adults will love the witty writing and un-subtle references to Marlon Brando.

These are just some of the best movies with heroes for families. While some people may think that the comic book superhero movies have become a bit too mature for most, these are a few movies that any family should be able to watch together.