From "Edelweiss" to "My Favorite Things," "The Sound of Music" songs have been musical standards for decades. "The Sound of Music" is a musical based on the memoir of Maria von Trapp about a lovable women, the children she governs and a stern man. This 1965 faimly film, starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, won five Academy Awards. Learn the best "The Sound of Music" songs to gain greater of knowledge about the musical.

"The Sound of Music."

The title song, composed by Richard Rogers and sung by Julie Andrews, introduces the young Austrian girl named Maria. Lyrics of the song focus on her love of music, longing to sing and the loneliness of the heart without music. "The Sound of Music" embodies the free, wild hearted spirit of Maria.


This song is named after the beautiful white flower found in the alps of Austria. It is performed by the father Captain von Trapp and his family twice; in the Salzburg Festival concert scene and the family drawing room. When sung in the drawing room, Captain von Trapp renews his affection for his children. Captain von Trapp defies Nazi soldiers when singing the tune with his family to draw crowds at the Salzburg Festival concert.

"My Favorite Things."

Maria comforts the children during a thunderstorm with the song "My Favorite Things." The lyrics of the song refers to the things Maria loves: raindrops on roses, copper kettles, kittens and more. She teaches the children to think of their favorite things when they are feeling bad.

"Climb Ev'ry Mountain."

This song encourages people to take every step to attain dreams. Mother Abbess sings "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" in the second act of the musical as she says farewell to Maria. The motherly nun sings the song to encourage Maria to pursue her dreams instead of staying at the abbey.


Maria teaches the children the major musical scale with the song "Do-Re-Mi." One of the most popular "Sound of Music" songs, "Do-Re-Mi" is often sung in day care centers and taught in musical classes. This popular tune has each syllable of the musical scale.