Hidden Disney messages are the stuff urban legends are made off. Rumors of hidden messages in Disney animated movies have flowed through the media for years, and while some "messages" are clearly a result of misunderstanding dialogue or an odd animated shape, some hidden Disney messages are more questionable. In either case, the possibility of "additions" to these family-friendly films is always controversial.

"S-E-X" in "The Lion King": A famous hidden Disney message revolves around 1994's "The Lion King." About halfway through the film, Simba, a young lion, plops down on the edge of a cliff at night, shooting a cloud of sparkly dust in the air. Allegedly, the letters "S", "E" and "X" appear in the dust one-by-one before the cloud dissipates.

Naked Pin-ups in "The Rescuers": Confirmed by Disney, "The Rescuers" originally showcased two topless women in photo form in the background of the beginning of the movie, when Bernard and Bianca are traveling in a sardine box. One photo was in the lower left hand corner of the screen, while the other was in the center near the top. The images were inserted before the film's 1977 release, but not discovered until 1999, when Disney recalled a reissue of the movie. The hidden sexual messages were blamed on post-production staff.

"Take off Your Clothes" in "Aladdin": Disney has long since insisted there are no sexual hidden messages or lines in "Aladdin," but some viewers disagree. In the scene where Aladdin deals with Jasmine's tiger while climbing up the roof, he mutters what sounded -- to viewers -- like "(Good teenagers) take off your clothes." Disney maintains the line is "C'mon, good kitty. Take off and go," but the jury's still out.

Cameos in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame": More of a hidden advertising message than anything else, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" features a brief cameo of Belle from "Beauty and the Beast", the carpet guy from "Aladdin" and Pumba from "The Lion King" during the "Out There" musical number near the beginning of the film.