When trying to find funny PG movies to watch on a date, it is important to find something with a mix of action and humor for the guys while retaining the fantasy and romantic elements that girls are attracted to. These movies are perfect additions to a movie queue for anyone to pick from on their nex date night.

  1. “The Princess Bride” – This fantasy movie is a perfect funny PG movie to watch on a date, with just the right touch of humor and fairy tale romance. A man, long believed dead, returns to rescue his lover from a band of kidnappers and an evil prince who wants to force her hand in marriage.

  2. “Groundhog Day”Bill Murray stars in this funny PG movie that is perfect to watch on a date. Murray stars as a news reporter who discovers he will be reliving the same day of his life over and over again until he learns what it is he is doing to wrong to improve on his life.

  3. “Napoleon Dynamite” – This quirky indie comedy is a great date movie for anyone looking for a funny PG movie. The film follows a slacker in Idaho as he aimlessly drifts through life. The movie stars Jon Heder as a strange young man who doesn’t seem to understand how weird he really is.

  4. “Up” – This Pixar animated film is a great choice for a funny PG movie to watch on a date. The story is much more mature than most kid’s flicks, following an elderly man whose wife died as he sets out for the big adventure they two never were able to share while she was alive.

  5. “Despicable Me” – This is another animated film, this time from DreamWorks, that follows an evil super villain who finds himself with three adopted girls to take care of. While he plots his ultimate caper, the three kids start to show him that maybe it is not always a bad idea to be a good guy.

  6. “Back to the Future” – Michael J. Fox stars in this classic film about a young man who travels back in time to before his parents met. He accidentally keeps them from meeting and realizes he has to fix the past before he can return to the future or he might never be born.

  7. “Spy Kids”Robert Rodriguez took break from his adult oriented action flicks to make this funny PG movie that is perfect to watch on a date. Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino star as two spies who need their kids to save them when they are captured by evil forces.

  8. “Airplane!” – While the movie is not what you might expect from a PG rated movie, that is exactly what it was rated when it was released. The movie spoofs the disaster movie genre and shows an airplane that is in danger when the pilots suffer food poisoning and only one man can save the day.

  9. “Sixteen Candles” – In one of John Hughes’ best movies, Molly Ringwald stars as a girl whose parents forget her sixteenth birthday during the preparations for her sister’s wedding. The movie was originally given an R-Rating but that was changed to PG during a hearing with the ratings board.

  10. “Enchanted” – This Disney spoof is a great funny PG movie to watch on a date. The film starts off in the Disney animated world of princesses but the evil witch casts the princess out and into the live action world of New York City where there are no happily ever afters.

- Shawn Lealos