These days, PG movies tend to be aimed at kids, but there have been plenty of funny PG movies for adults released over the years. The PG rating used to be a lot more lenient on what sorts of humor it would allow, meaning that many funny PG movies for adults come from before restrictions on sex jokes in PG films. Here are some definitely funny PG movies for adults to enjoy.

  1. "Groundhog Day." In this film, arguably the best of all funny PG movies for adults, Bill Murray, hysterical as always, plays Phil, a weatherman who's traveled to Punxsutawney for the titular holiday. When he wakes up the next day, and the next, he finds he's living the same day over and over again, until he "gets it right" and becomes a better person. Along the way, though, his dark hijinks, including punching out a man who says hello to him every day, seducing a woman using knowledge he gains over his repeated days, and ending his own life, will entertain adults. This is a hilariously funny PG movie, definitely for adults.

  2. "The Pink Panther Strikes Again." Peter Sellers reprises his most iconic role, the bumbling French detective Inspector Clouseau, in this, the funniest of the "Pink Panther" films. As he bumbles his way through Europe in search of the mad Dreyfus, who wants him dead, dark humor follows and slapstick abounds. One of the funniest scenes, definitely putting this in the category of funny PG movies for adults, has the world's top assassins trying to kill Clouseau, but offing one another in a series of hilarious mishaps.

  3. "Sleeper." This early 1970s Woody Allen film is definitely a funny PG rated movie for adults to enjoy, as many of the jokes would fly over the head of the normal PG kid audience. As a version of his nebbishy film alter-go, Allen awakens in the future, and to survive, must pose as a robot at a party. Part of the job of this robot is to, in the film's most iconic scene, pass around an orb to the partygoers that causes instant orgasms as soon as it is touched. He struggles to maintain his composure while handling "the orb" and laughs abound.

  4. "Love and Death." Another classic Woody Allen comedy is also a perfect funny PG movie for adults, as its references, satirizing the bleakness of Russian novels like "War and Peace," will only be appreciated by adults. Still, it is full of slapstick and clever humor.

  5. "Ghostbusters." Bill Murray opened up our list, and he closes out our list of funny PG movies for adults, alongside Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and a cast of ghosts and goblins in this adventure comedy set in New York. The story of a group of guys setting out to capture ghosts is as full of scares as it is full of laughs, and may be too much for kids, but just right for adults.

-Travis Petersen