These 10 family law movies that will make you cry will be on your mind for days after you see them. With great acting and touching stories, tear-jerker movies that also delve into the intricacies of family law are few and far between. See which movies on the list you haven't seen, and add it to your must-see movie list.

  1. "I Am Sam"- Sean Penn plays Sam, a mentally challenged dad who is deeply devoted to his daughter. Well-meaning people worry about his daughter's well-meaning and threaten to tear them apart forever. He has to prepare to fight for her and his legal rights as a dad. Dakota Fanning stars as his little girl, and she steals many of her scenes, even with such strong adult costars.

  2. "Lantern Hill"- A young girl, who has grown up thinking her father is dead, finds out that he is really alive. She ends up going to live with him, and family secrets are slowly revealed. This period piece looks at child custody and love.

  3. "Kramer vs. Kramer"- Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep star in this realistic, dark drama. It tells the story of a man whose wife walks out on him. He is left to care for his son by himself, then faces a legal battle when his wife returns and wants custody. The ties that bond a family together are severed in several directions, but it takes a look at what it means to be a parent and want to be a parent.

  4. "Irreconcilable Differences"- Shelley Long and Ryan O'Neal star as two lonely people who meet, fall in love, get married, have a kid, and fall out of love. As they succeed in show biz, they ignore their kid. The situation gets worse when the two divorce. It leads their little girl to try to divorce her parents so that she can live with the maid instead.

  5. "The Parent Trap"- Hayley Mills plays two parts in this unforgettable 1960s classic. She plays twins, Susan and Sharon, who meet one another on accident at summer camp. They had been separated at birth when their parents divorced, with each parent claiming one of the twins. They think this situation stinks, and they set about to get their parents back together.

  6. "Mrs. Doubtfire"- Yes. this movie was marketed as a comedy, and it stars funny man Robin Williams. It is a funny flick, but it also has a lot of heart. When a man loses custody of his kids, he figures the only way he can spend time with them is to impersonate a woman and work as domestic help at his old home.

  7. "A Time to Kill"- Set in a small, very racist town in Mississippi, this film tells the story of a young lawyer who is defending a man who's accused of killing two men who raped his 10-year-old daughter. It's a well-acted film that asks some tough questions of what the law means and how it should be interpreted when it's a part of an unjust society.

  8. "Not Without My Daughter"- Sally Field stars in this movie about the extreme love a parent feels for her child. It deals with child custody and international law. When an American woman divorces an Iranian doctor, she tries to take their daughter home to America.

  9. "Liar Liar"- Jim Carrey stars in this comedic movie about fatherhood. Carrey plays a man who has disappointed his little boy with his broken promises one too many times, and a spell comes over him where he cannot tell a lie. What happens when someone can only tell the truth? This affliction looks as though it will only complicate things as the man has to fight to see his son.

  10. "The Good Mother"- Diane Keaton and Liam Neeson star in this challenging drama. It looks at a child custody battle that is complicated with sexual abuse allegations.