Christian comedy movies do not rocket up the charts. Movies that make it into the theaters must appeal to a broad audience. While “Left Behind” and “Fireproof” were shown in theaters, they are exceptions rather than the rule. Someone looking for a good, clean comedy needs to order the videos from a catalog or an online site.

“Four-eyed Blonde”. This video feature Chonda Pierce performing her comedy act on stage. The video does not have much of a plot, conclusion, or denouement. Viewers do not need to worry about inappropriate content at least.

“Super Sheep”.  Ken Davis goes into in-depth detail about why the Bible compares the followers of Jesus to sheep. At least Davis shows that there are people bothered by the comparison of people to farm animals.

“The Widow's Might”. The first two Christian Comedy movies on this list were videos of comedians performing their stand up acts; this movie actually has a plot. This movie from the Bridgestone Group features two aspiring filmmaker's who compete in the most outrageous ways possible to save a widow's home.

“Angels Love Donuts”. This Christian Comedy movie came out about the same time “Dead Like Me” and “Pushing Daisies aired.” Businessman John A. Money meets an Angel of Death, but he apparently really likes donuts.  For some reason, the sources consulted did not like crediting the actors.

Furry Vengeance”. This movie, which is not a specifically Christian Comedy, features a businessman going up against raccoons and other wildlife. It is uncertain if the people really thought about this movie before giving it its final title. Brendan Fraiser and Brooke Shields star in this one.