The “High School Musical 3” songs present an eclectic mix of numbers that, surprisingly, don’t just cater to teenage girls. Thanks to some nice basketball choreography and a great junkyard scene with the boys, the numbers provide something for everyone. Now, these are not songs you want to listen to in your car but they are great songs when watching the movie.

“Now or Never” – While the song starts out interesting with Troy getting his team energized for the basketball game, it gets really cheesy, really fast. The song begins when East High is losing the final basketball game of their senior year at halftime and Troy tries to get them ready. Then everything goes wrong when Gabriella gets up on the stands and sings back, all eyes on her. It went from a decent “High School Musical 3” song to schmaltzy in a split second.

“The Boys Are Back” – Out of all the “High School Musical 3” songs, this is the most fun with the best choreography. Troy and Chad remember their childhood while in a junkyard. The two morph into their younger selves while everything in the junkyard comes alive. Old cars turn into robots and the two friends have to fight evil as they sing their song. It’s the one number that will entertain most guys.

“Scream” – This is another Troy number with basketballs involved. Instead of the schmaltzy finish of “Now or Never,” this one just lets Troy perform by himself and includes an amazingly choreographed number with falling basketballs as Troy dances on the court. The song is energetic and allows Zac Efron to cut loose for a change. It is the best of the “High School Musical 3” songs.

“I Want it All” – This is Ashley Tisdale’s biggest number in the movie. It gives Sharpay and Ryan a chance to show off their stuff in the “High School Musical 3” songs. The song starts with the two of them in the cafeteria as she starts to sing about what she hopes will be her future. Ryan seems unsure since she expects him to be second to her. However, the performance was great and the two knocked it out of the park.

“I Just Wanna Be With You” – In the movie, this “High School Musical 3” song was a funny moment at the end of the movie that turned into the production's big number. The performance started when Sharpay began singing it, quite well, and then the annoying Jimmie joins her, embarrassing her. However, it turns around when Troy and Gabriella arrive and the number ends in great style. It was a solid number in a decently fun movie.

- Shawn Lealos