When someone attempts to put together a Disney movie list, it can be hard to narrow the choices down. Disney has been a major player when it comes to movies for families and kids. Disney is probably most well know for its animated features.

  1. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". The evil queen, Snow White's stepmother is unhappy when she learns that she is not the fairest of them all. Snow White runs after finding out that her stepmother is looking to have her killed. She runs into the forest and meets the seven dwarfs making it an interesting addition to the Disney movies list.

  2. "Dumbo". Dumbo is a little elephant that has ears that attract way too much negative attention. His mothers looks to protect him and he learns how to fly, aided by his little friend, Timothy the mouse. It makes this Disney movies list because of the message that being different is okay.

  3. "Cinderella". Cinderella is a well known story of a young girl that is forced into taking on all of the chores to care for her stepmother and stepsisters. She gets into a ball being thrown in honor of the prince with the help of a fairy godmother and the prince falls in love with her in this Disney movies list favorite.

  4. "Peter Pan". Wendy, John, and Michael meet a boy that was never made to grow up. Peter Pan takes them on an adventure to Never Never land where they meet Indians, the Lost Boys, and the infamous Captain Hook. This makes the Disney movies list as it shows the value of not growing up too quickly.

  5. "The Jungle Book". Mowgli having been raised by wolves, longs to stay in the jungle, away from civilization. Along the way he meets friends like Baloo the Bear, Bagheers the Panther, and the bad guys, Kaa the Snake and Shere Khan the Tiger. A Disney movies list would be incomplete without this addition.

  6. "Beauty and the Beast". Love truly conquers all as Belle is forced to live in a house with the Beast to save her father. Over time the two end up enjoying each others company and something develops. As the Beast lets Belle go back to her father, the villagers come to attack him and Belle realizes that she is in love with him, making it a worthy addition to the Disney movies list.

  7. "Monsters, Inc." Humans are the last thing anyone wants to see in Monstropolis, a city that produces energy from the frightened cry of little children. But James P. Sullivan (Sully) and his one eyed friend Mike Wazowski come across a child that accidentally sneaks in through one of the doors. They find that children's laughter is just as effective for energy as their cries.

  8. "Finding Nemo". Nemo is a little fish with a little fin. He wants to break away from his father and end up being captured by a dentist out scuba diving. Throughout the story his father, Marlin, searches to find and save him. Marlin's companion, Dori, a fish with a lack of short term memory, aids his cause.

  9. "Cars". Lightening McQueen thinks only about racing. When he gets lost and stumbles into Radiator Springs, he meets other cars that care for each other and their precious town that has been abandoned because of the interstate.

  10. "Princess and the Frog". Tiana just wants to work hard and be successful. Prince Naveen and Tiana are both transformed into frogs and they see their lives take unexpected turns as their fight to become human again. Along the way each is changed and influenced by the other.

-Angela Sauber