The best kids adventure movies are timeless classics that stay relevant throughout the years. Every movie on this list is over twenty years old, yet still has a place in the hearts of movie watchers. All of the movies are about kids embarking on different types of adventure. The kids adventure movies revolve around treasure hunting, being left home alone, saving a world, a singing super-nanny, and trying to find a way home. All of the movies can be enjoyed by kids, or adults.

  1. "The Wizard of Oz" The kids adventure movie "The Wizard of Oz" was released in 1939, and still has relevance in todays entertainment culture. The story revolves around Dorothy and her dog Toto getting trapped in the land of Oz. She is told to follow a yellow brick road to the Emerald City, which is where a man lives who can help her get home. Along the way she picks up three strangers who are in search of courage, a heart, and a brain. Dorothy and her new friends have a whirlwind adventure on their way too the Emerald City because a wicked witch is out to get them.  This is one of the best kids adventure movies because of the classic and memorable characters and story the film produced.

  2. "The Goonies" This best kids adventure movie is about a group of children embarking on a pirate-treasure hunt. They find a treasure map and decide to take on the adventure of finding it without telling their parents. They encounter a family of thieves that are also on the prowl for the treasure, but that does not stop the group of kids from moving forward with their plans. Along the way they discover booby traps, courage, and unbreakable friendships. The movie was released in 1985, and is a popular part of pop culture.

  3. "The Neverending Story" Bastian, a young kid gets bullied at school, and one day he flees to the schools attic and begins to read a book about Fantasia. The movie switches gears, and becomes the story about the world of Fantasia. For at unknown reason, the world is literally falling apart and the princess asks a brave boy named Atreyu to help save Fantasia. Atreyu embarks on an adventure which leads him to flying dragons, talking rock-mountains, and a huge flying dog. This kids adventure movie was released in 1984, and is still a well respected film.

  4. "Mary Poppins" The classic tale is about a nanny named Mary Poppins who come to work for a family that has a son and daughter. The adventure starts the minute Mary Poppins comes into the kids lives by flying in with an umbrella. She teaches the kids about fun, laughter, and magic. The word "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" has since been associated with the classic 1964 movie. This is one of the best kids adventure movies because it has heart, humor, morals, and longevity.

  5. "Home Alone" After the 1990 kids adventure movie "Home Alone" was released, every kid who saw the fun filled film probably wanted to be accidently left home alone. The plot revolves around the McAllister family going to Paris for Christmas vacation. The large family consists of many extended family members, and as the big clan load up for the airport the youngest son Kevin is left behind. The rest of the kids adventure movie is about Kevin having free range of the house, until two robbers try and break-in which causes a prank war. In theory, being stalked by two robbers sounds like a horror plot, but this film is one of the best kids adventure movies.