Watch these best Christmas movies for families to enjoy quality time together. Some Christmas movies are just plain better for families than other movies. Depending on the movie, the content may not appropriate for young children, or the language is not something you want little ears to hear. Plenty of good Christmas movies exist, so there is no need to watch questionable movies that can make one or more of the family members uncomfortable.

  1. "Its a Wonderful Life." This 1946 movie is a tried and true Christmas movie. Watching it as a family is a great way to spend Christmas eve since much of the action takes place on Christmas eve in the movie. Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed are charming as husband and wife George and Mary Bailey. The flashbacks of George imagining life without him make for a meaningful, memorable movie.

  2. "How the Grinch Stole Christmas." The 1966 version of this classic Christmas movie is the version to watch. This is the best movie made to show off Dr. Seuss's tale of greed and giving. The Grinch steals presents from Whoville, but comes around in the end.

  3. "Home Alone." This 1990 comedy movie is a fun one when the family wants a light-hearted look at Christmas. A boy, played by Macauley Caulkin, is left behind by his large family who are off to vacation at Christmas time. He is faced with dealing with being alone, handling burglars and loneliness.

  4. "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation." This 1989 comedy is perfect for family's with older children. Clark Griswold is played by Chevy Chase, who makes this movie great. Some of the situations may be a little raw for younger kids, like when Clark Griswold's drop-in cousin empties the septic tank in the RV.

  5. "Elf." "Elf" is a 2003 comedy movie starring Will Ferrell. He plays Buddy, a very tall elf, who works as an elf at the North Pole despite his extreme tallness, especially compared to the other elves. When he is sent to the United States to find out his real identity, Buddy learns much about himself and his real father.