The best bad stuff in Disney movies is really...really...naughty! It is basically bad stuff soooo lurid that it will make your face beet red and cause you to have a mortified sense of shame about you (even greater than that of Adam and Eve when they saw each other naked for the first time!). This bad stuff proves that some of the adult creators of these Disney movies just need to blow off some steam sometimes, in a perverted sense.

  1. "The Lion King." In the "Lion King," there is a part where Simba the lion, now all grown up as the studly and red-blooded claimant to the throne of Pride Rock, drops himself down in exasperation on an outcropping of rock. A bunch of dust or dirt comes flying up from his movement, and what appears on screen is the excessively naughty and taboo word "sex!" This is the best bad stuff moment in Disney movies because it is the most infamous of them all, which some readers probably have even heard of already. This naughty incident is what happens when Disney animators work too long without getting sex themselves (they project their subconscious desires on the film they're working on).

  2. "The Rescuers." This Disney movie from the 1970s proves that Disney employees have a long and tarnished history of perverting the kids' movies they are working on! In fact, there is no denial by Disney regarding "The Rescuers"; they even pulled the movie from theaters at the time specifically to remove the offending bad stuff element in this movie. Wanna know what it is?! Alright, then! "The Rescuers" features a scene where the cute, little mice called Bernard and Bianca are about to fly off on the back of the character Wilbur. However, right behind them and above them, there's an open window where a topless woman is showing off her boobies! Her boobies!!

  3. "Aladdin." Yes, even the Arab world's representation in the Disney staple of films is not immune to being perverted by bad stuff in Disney movies. In this film, Aladdin, being the frisky Arab teen-boy that he is, clambers up on Princess Jasmine's roof to try and get lucky with her. What occurs next is that Aladdin, voiced by that cool guy of 90s TV fame, Scott Weinger, apparently says, "Good teenagers, take off your clothes!" Now, that's just an outrage because teenagers are so obsessed with sex anyhoo, and here is a Disney movie tempting them to "do it?!" Outrageous!