"Alice in Wonderland" characters have been charming people for many generations. The wild world of "Alice in Wonderland" has continued to mystify its audience and defy the imagination.  The characters of the story are every bit as engaging as the story itself.

  1. Alice. Alice is the main character of the story and in most adaptations of the story. Alice is a young girl who is the member of a very wealthy English family, this later causes problems for Alice in the strange Wonderland world. Alice enters the world of Wonderland with wide eyes but still holds on to her privileged attitude. As the world of Wonderland becomes stranger and stranger, Alice is faced with the challenge of operating in the same manner as everyone else in Wonderland.

  2. The Cheshire Cat. The Cheshire cat is the omnipotent character in "Alice in Wonderland." Amongst all of the craziness of Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat always stays cool, calm and confident. Because of the Cheshire Cat's omnipotent knowledge, the cat seems to be an outsider in this unbalanced world. The cat is a mentor to Alice and helps her to become adjusted to the crazy world. The Cheshire Cat tells Alice the rules (or lack of) that govern Wonderland and praises Alice for being so absorbent of her surroundings.

  3. The Queen of Hearts. The Queen of Hearts is the antagonist of the story and is the direct  enemy of Alice. The Queen of Hearts may be illogical like the rest of Wonderland however, the Queen is consumed with the need for power and control. The Queen rules through fear. When someone in Wonderland commits a crime they do not receive a trial–they are simply sentenced to death!

  4. The Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter is another guide for Alice as she goes through Wonderland. The Mad Hatter is small, rude and irrational. The Mad Hatter operates on his own time (tea) time  and he often aggravates poor Alice.

  5. The White Rabbit. The White Rabbit is the first creature the viewers meet. The rabbit leads Alice down the famous rabbit hole. The rabbit is very concerned with time and is a little frantic. He can also be sweet, but occasionally aggressive.